A guy orchestrates a break-in to fuck his mom and sister

And that’s when I found it.

The story that changed my life.


The story that changed the lives of my entire family.

A story by the name of ‘What Goes Around Comes Around’ by dezurtdawg. Holy shit, is that story hot. By the end of the first chapter, I’d blown my load twice. I wanted to immediately start reading the next chapter, but after glancing at the clock and seeing it was already 1:30, I decided that I could wait until tomorrow night to finish the tale. Gathering the wads of Kleenex I’d used to shoot my cum into, I headed to the bathroom to flush them down the toilet (pro tip, this disposes of the evidence effectively, while also leaving little mess behind for others to find).

Walking as quietly as I could to the bathroom, which is placed centrally on our upper floor, I was startled to hear moaning coming from my mom’s room.

Curious as to what Mom was masturbating to, I eased my way to her door as quietly as I could. I hadn’t heard her masturbate since before the end of summer and I was wondering what got her so hot that she was still masturbating nearly three hours after she went to bed. Slowly, painfully slow, I twisted the knob and opened the door, the sound of her buzzing vibrator now clearly heard. There wasn’t any light on and none coming in through the window, so I couldn’t see what she was doing. But as disappointing as that was, hearing her was just as hot.

“Oh baby, yes. Fuck me, fuck me honey! Oh FUCK, you fuck Mommy’s pussy so good! Oh Henry, your cock is so big, you’re stretching me out baby.” Hearing her call my name was super exciting and had my dick standing at attention in two seconds flat. She didn’t talk much for a bit, just moaning sexily. “YES! Yes, I’m your slut, your Mommy-Slut.” A brief pause later and she continued, “You do. You own my pussy, baby. My pussy, ass, mouth, tits they all belong to you! My son, my Master!” She gave a quiet scream as she called me her master, which covered the moan I gave at hearing it quite well. “YES! I’ll do whatever you say, Master.” It was like she could hear me asking her to do slutty things in her head and agreed to them. “Yes, you can fuck me in school.” “Oh, I’ll bring you whichever teacher or student you want to fuck.” “Yes, OH, you naughty boy, I’ll seduce your sister, tie her to this bed and jill myself as you fuck her into oblivion; then I’ll lick all the delicious cum you’ve left in and on her, saving it in my dirty little mouth, before kissing her awake by shoving your cum down her throat.” Fuck, that was the hottest thing I’ve ever heard come out of anyone’s mouth. “Oh, please Master, can I cum? Mommy-Slut needs to come so bad, please tell me I can cum.” “Fuck! Yes, Master, Mommy-Slut will obey; I’m too submissive to disobey.” There was a brief pause where all I could hear was her whimpering and the buzz of her vibrator. But after about a minute she was talking to her imagined version of me again, “Please, Master, can I cum? Mommy-Slut needs to cum so bad, baby; I can’t hold it much longer. Just please, tell this slut what she can do to make you cum faster.” “You like my slutty mouth? You like to hear your Mommy-Slut say nasty things? You like picturing the things I say? Things like: I love wearing the bras you jack off into; feeling your dried cum against my nipples always makes me feel so slutty. Although, I wish you’d use my dainty little thongs, I don’t think I’d stop orgasming if you came in my thong and I got to feel your dried cum rubbing against my clit all day. Or how about: I want to use your jizz as a creamer in your sister’s tea every morning. Don’t you think it would be so hot to know that your sister’s drinking your cum without knowing it, that I sucked you off first thing in the morning, denied myself the pleasure of swallowing and spat your huge load into her tea for her to guzzle down? Oh, you like that idea Master? I could feel your cock get even bigger at that. What if you fucked me in the morning, came in my slutty little pussy and I drained my pussy into Rheta’s tea? She’d be drinking our combined juices baby. YESSSS! Cum in my pussy, Master! OH MOMMY-SLUT’S CUMMING!!!!!!!!”

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