A guy orchestrates a break-in to fuck his mom and sister

“I’m fine honey, you just startled me is all. I’m not used to having you awake this early and I wasn’t expecting you to just walk up behind me,” she said with a hint of a blush colouring her cheeks and her eyes definitely avoiding mine. “I guess that I spaced out and you just scared me is all.”

“Really? Cuz from my end it looked like you weren’t scared at all; in fact, it almost seemed like you were feeling a little buzzed as you turned to look at me.” I couldn’t help myself; watching her blush and try to hide the fact that she just came was too much fun to pass up on. “What were you thinking about that had you so spaced out anyways?”


Again, she averted her gaze from me as if she was trying to recall, while also blushing to high Heaven. “Oh, wasn’t really anything in particular, just thinking about the upcoming holidays. I guess I was just excited from being able to spend so much time with my babies one last time before they have to leave the nest.” She got a saddened look across her face as she said this and I could almost literally see the wave of sobriety that it caused in her.

Leaning over, I put an arm around her and hugged her to my side. “Don’t worry Mom. I promise that I’ll be home so much that you’ll want me to leave,” I said hoping that this was both going to be true as well as not. “And I know Rhe will be the same. The university is only 40 minutes away; we’ll be home more than we’ll be at the dorms I can almost guarantee it.”

She gave me a kiss on the cheek at this. “Thank you, sweetie. I can always count on you to make me feel better.” With another kiss to my cheek, a quick one-sided hug that mashed her large breast against my arm and a loving smile, Mom stood back up. “What do you want for breakfast, baby?”

The rest of the day, as well as Friday day passed agonizingly slow. Like slo-mo seemed like the Flash, slow. I know that I shouldn’t have, but I couldn’t help myself from jerking off when we got home Friday after school. The fact that I erupted after barely two minutes of stroking was probably a good thing. Not only did it take the edge off (presumably allowing me to last longer later with Mom and Rheta), the quickness would make it seem that I had just gone up to my room to change into some comfy clothes for the night. I used this window of time to take the supplies outside and leave them in the bushes just outside the front door.

Coming back inside, I returned to my room and sat at my computer. Firing up my secret email, I told my guy where I’d hidden the restraints, as well as the fact that I’d left some extra, just in case. I also said to wait until at least 8:30, it would be dark by then, as well as we’d be finished dinner and most likely have had just sat down to watch the movies (I didn’t tell him that last bit). I also said that he wasn’t to contact me for the next 48 hours, and only then to say how the night went. I informed him one last time that this was to get my buddy laid and that he wouldn’t get the remaining $1000 if he didn’t get some.

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