A guy orchestrates a break-in to fuck his mom and sister

After sending this, I headed downstairs to find my sister in the kitchen starting to make some dinner. “Whatchya making? Need any help?” I asked as I leaned against the counter.

“Well, since it’s apparently date night, I thought I’d make my date their favourite meal. They went to all this trouble trying to set this evening up, I figured it was the least I could do,” she said as she pulled a couple blocks of cheese from the fridge.


“Aww,” I teased, “who knew you could be so domestic?” I got a stuck-out tongue as a response to that. “Although, I don’t recall barbequed steaks needing so much cheese.”

“Silly, little brother, you’re not the date I was talking about.” She gave me a slight smile that any other day I know would have been teasing, but today made me freeze in panic. She couldn’t have been planning to leave tonight, could she? “I’m making Mom’s favourite meal.” I gave a loud sigh of relief at this, causing her to laugh. “What’s with the heart attack brother?”

“I just don’t trust your grilling skills is all,” I said, trying to throw the teasing back at her. “But I guess I can trust you to throw stuff into a pan and then the oven.” Looking to everything she had on the counter, I realized that she was making lasagna (most likely to be accompanied with some garlic bread). “Offer still stands, if you need any help.”

Sliding a bowl over to me, along with the cheese and a grater, she said, “Shred the cheese for me; I need three layers, plus some to dust the garlic bread.” Going over to the sink to wash my hands, I stopped on my way back to give Rheta a hug and a kiss on the cheek from behind. Stiffening at my touch, she turned to face me. “What was that for?” she asked with a suspicious tone that I’m sure was trying to hide the blush I could see creeping into her cheeks.

“Just letting my favourite sister know that I love her,” I replied while giving her another squeeze and subtly rubbing my crotch into her lovely and inviting ass, causing her to blush even more.

“Well, since I’m your only sister, that’s not much of an accomplishment,” she said as she abruptly turned back to her preparations. “Now, get shredding.”

Giving her another kiss (this time to the back of her head), I made my way back to the cheese. I had shredded an entire block, as well as half of the other one, by the time Mom came down, having had a shower and wearing her silk kimono. Seeing her dressed so sexily, as well as having been constantly checking my sister out for the past ten minutes, had me sporting a mild hard on. “Please tell me that that is the dress code for date night tonight,” I said to Mom with a wolf whistle.

“That’s our mom, you pervert,” Rheta chastised.

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