A guy orchestrates a break-in to fuck his mom and sister

“You were the one calling her your date for the night,” I threw back. “Besides, it’s not a crime for a guy to want his dates to be dressed sexy on their dates. I think it’s actually expected for him to hope for something.”

“She’s in a robe and probably isn’t wearing any underwear-”


“Even better!”

“Eww! Again, I reiterate that she’s our mother. I can’t believe that I’m related to such a pervert so intricately.” Rheta gave a disgusted shudder at this.

While this was all going on, I could see Mom silently laughing at us from the periphery of my vision. “That’s enough you two,” she said with a giggle, fully drawing our attention back to her. “Henry, your sister is right, I’m your mother, not a piece of meat. But thank you for the compliment all the same. And Rheta, your brother is right that seeing the two of us dressed so sexily is the dream of many men. But despite that fact, as my son and your brother he should be more respectful and less lustful in his ogling of us.”

“A very diplomatic response mother,” I responded. “Validating both our points.”

Giving a shrug of her shoulders that said both ‘all in a day’s work’ and ‘yes, I’m that good’ she returned to her mothering role. “No, this isn’t the dress code for tonight. Sorry to disappoint Henry, but I’ve actually laid out the clothes I want you two to wear tonight on your beds. Since it is date night, I thought we’d get dressed up. Don’t worry Rheta, we will all be dressed respectfully. Now Henry, off to the shower while we finish dinner.” She walked up to me and ran her hand across my cheek and down my neck. “I want you to shave as well. Now go!” she said with a wave to upstairs and the bathroom.

I went upstairs to my room, and saw the clothes Mom had laid out for me. It was a pair of navy dress pants and a salmon pink dress shirt. There was also a pair of dress socks with Avengers logos on them, a plain looking black leather belt, and a tie with blue and orange stirpes. There was even a set of silver cufflinks with my initials on them. I had never seen any of these clothes before in my life, so where had Mom gotten them from. With the amount of detail (cufflinks! seriously) I was surprised to find that she hadn’t laid out any underwear for me.

Grabbing a towel after stripping down I headed for the shower. It was there that the thought hit me that maybe Mom didn’t want me wearing any underwear. I mean she’d chosen my belt and gotten me a set of monogramed cufflinks, but had left my underwear choice for me; I don’t think so. Suddenly I had a rousing suspicion that I wasn’t the only person hatching a scheme tonight. Mom had spent weeks over the summer torturing me with the visuals of her and Rheta in matching bikinis, and we all knew that we all wanted to fuck each other (they didn’t know that I knew about their wanting to fuck me, but they were certainly aware that I wouldn’t turned down the opportunity should it arise). My cock couldn’t make up its mind if it found this hot or not as it refused to get any harder than a quarter chub (not that I was completely complaining about this fact, it kept me on my toes).

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