A guy orchestrates a break-in to fuck his mom and sister

I was about to go and grab a spatula to serve the lasagna, when the distinct clack of high heels drew my attention back to the entrance from the hall. Walking into the kitchen in the most graceful way was Rheta. I thank God everyday that I had nothing in my hands to drop, because everything in me just dropped the moment I saw her; my hands, jaw and blood all dropped to the floor as she walked into the room. The increase of blood to my lower half had the typical result of most of it ending up in my hardening dick, and my being painfully erect in two-seconds flat. Even in her bikinis from the summer, Rheta had never gotten me so hard so quick, and I was extremely grateful for the island that hid me from view of both my mother and sister.

Rheta was wearing a burgundy dress that came down just past her knees. Held up by a pair of spaghetti straps, the tight bodice of the dress hugged my sister’s body sensually, while the neckline plunged down below her magnificent chest that stood high and proud. Her lack of bra was confirmed when, like me, she did a twirl and I saw that the back of the dress was open with only a couple of Xs of straps down her back. Her peach shaped ass was, like her breasts, hugged to perfection to showcase itself by the dress. The nylons she wore were black with floral patterns and a thick seam that ran up the back of her legs. Her heels were no more than two inches and the same burgundy as her dress.


As she finished turning, my eyes were scanning back up her body to her face. Her long hair had been lightly curled and instead of the usual bun on top, it was now a loose ponytail (again, picture Azula from Avatar, during the end of the Beach episode). She’d given herself a burgundy smoky eye, and her lips were the same shade of lipstick as the dress. In her ears were stud earrings that held our birthstone (ruby). As I finished giving her a once over, my eyes met hers and she smiled brightly at me.

“…Wow!” was all I could say. Seeing that she had literally made me speechless caused Rheta to blush and give a small smile. The added colour to her cheek was all I could take, but that smile-that too preciously cute smile-had me blindly reaching for the counter to steady myself to keep from being knocked to my ass. God help anyone who tried to ignore the clear advances my sister was sending me, for you’d need help if you missed signs that big and obvious.

I thought it was tunnel vision, but when she put her hand on mine, I realized that she’d made her way behind the island with me and had already grabbed the spatula that I’d been in search of when she came down the stairs. “Would the gentleman be so kind as to escort me to my seat?” she asked, batting her eyelashes coquettishly at me.

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