A guy orchestrates a break-in to fuck his mom and sister

I let my eyes continue to wander down so that I could take in her heels. I’d never say that I was much of a foot/shoe fetish kind of guy, though I’ll be the first to admit that there are some things that can make a guy just swoon like an anime schoolgirl; and my mother was very much working that angle. Even through the black of her stockings, thanks to the open toe of her heels, I could see my mother had painted her toenails a deep sapphire blue which a) was my favourite colour, and b) matched the blue of her fingernails. Combining this with her dress, smoky eye, and pale skin, Mom looked like what I thought an ancient night goddess would look like. Her actual shoes were very much ‘fuck me’ pumps; stiletto heels twice as high as Rheta’s sensible two inches, thin cloth straps that crisscrossed over the top half of her feet before continuing up a third of her shin. Like I said, not really a foot/shoe guy, but my mom was very much playing up the things I liked about them to a standing ovation.

I could tell by the way she walked, that Mom was adding an extra sway to her hips as she finished modelling for us and sat down. “Ahh, excellent, you got the wine,” she said as she reached for the bottle to pour herself a glass.


“I thought you said you felt underdressed,” Rheta said. “That’s not the outfit we agreed on.” My eyes were like a tennis ball as I bounced back and forth between looking at their faces: Mom’s was a mask behind the small confident smile while Rheta’s was alternating between jealous anger and sadness. The two of them clearly had their own plans for the evening, and I wondered if I’d ruined everything by throwing my own agenda into the mix.

“I know,” Mom said as she placed a hand on Rhe’s cheek and gently rubbed it with her thumb. “But don’t worry, sweetheart, I’m actually not doing what you think I am. I may be being a bit more,” she paused as her eyes drifted to me (I clearly wasn’t really supposed to know what they were planning) as she searched for the right word to use, “…obvious than we had discussed, but this is for my own reasons and will not interfere with your plans.” Leaning over, Mom surprised me even more when she kissed Rheta on the lips briefly. “I promise, you’ll still get the present that I promised you over the summer; we never really discussed it, but I have one in mind for you to give me in return.” They both turned to look at me for a second before they looked back to each other. “I’ll tell you about it later.”

Seeing my sister nod slightly, I decided to break the tension. “Ok, let’s eat before this all gets too cold and we waste the night by eating cold food.” My words had their desired effect as both Mom and Rheta gave a little giggle as they looked to me and then their plates. Settling into our seats, I raised my glass in a toast. “I’d like to propose a toast,” I said as their eyes turned to me. “To my beautiful dates, may tonight be as magical and breathtaking as the sight of the two of you.”

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