A guy orchestrates a break-in to fuck his mom and sister

Both of them got misty eyed at this, fanning their faces to keep their makeup from running. Dabbing a napkin to her eye, Mom said, “Well, with words like those, it’s hard to believe that tonight will be anything but.” Rheta nodded along with her. We clinked our glasses, drank and dug into the food. My personal favourite might have been barbecue, but I would never deny that my sister can cook. The lasagna was delicious, possibly the best I’d ever had, and the garlic bread was to die for. I had to stop myself from eating too much, too quickly because I knew that it would leave me at less than my best for tonight.

We spent the rest of dinner talking about normal things: plans for the holidays, pop culture, and other such trivial things really. Both of them were being very touchy-feely with me and each other. We finished the bottle of wine, I only had two glasses and I think they had about four each. By the time we’d finished eating it was nearly 8:30 and I was getting slightly anxious about the arrival of my hired partner in crime.


Standing up, I walked over to Rheta’s seat and offered her help up before taking her arm in mine. I then walked us over to Mom and stood her up and put her on my other arm. Leading the three of us into the living room I said, “I do believe there was a double feature on tonight’s program. And with the amount the two of you drank, I wouldn’t want it to be said that I didn’t at least attempt to follow through with my stated plans.”

“Ah, Mom, isn’t he just a perfect gentleman,” Rhe said, turning and putting her free hand on my chest. “He keeps his promises, didn’t make the obvious pun that we were his double feature tonight, and he’s sexy to boot!”

At her words, I turned to look at my sister in shock. But before I could say anything, Mom turned my head with a sapphire blue fingernail. “You didn’t give him the chance to make that pun, Rhe. And if the two of us made it, what’s to say sexy here didn’t make it in his head?”

Wanting to get myself involved in this conversation, I put on my dashing smile and said to them, “This sexy gentleman would never, ever deny the chance to have the two of you as a double feature; no human being would. Because if I’m sexy, then the two of you are about ten levels above perfect feminine sexuality incarnate.”

I felt the both of them tense at my words and I had to wonder why. Looking to them both, I saw twin glassy eyed stares. I set them down on the couch as I went to put the first DVD into the machine. I could hear them whispering, but couldn’t make out the words. Looking into the reflection on the TV, I saw Mom nod her head and say “Yeah…me too” with a dreamy look in her eye. Did I just make them cum with only my words?

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