A guy orchestrates a break-in to fuck his mom and sister

Rheta pulled me back to her when she felt me start to pull away. Surprised by her actions, I was even more startled when she shoved her tongue into my mouth and started using it to wrestle with my own. Nearly losing the plot at this, I went onto autopilot and started to return the favour of making out with my sister. When I heard her whimper for the third time, I also heard Mom cough behind me. “Is this really the time to be doing that?” she asked with a look that seemed both amused and exasperated at the same time; I think I even detected a hint of jealousy in her voice.

“Sorry, it’s just-I’ve just-I’ve wanted to do that for months now,” I explained, unable to hide the smile on my face.


“Oh really?” she asked with feigned hysterical interest. “Which part? The making out with the love of your life or doing it in front of your mother and the two armed intruders currently holding us at gunpoint?”

Before either of us could reply to this, said intruder gave a small ahem that very much reminded me of Umbridge in Harry Potter. The three of us turned to look at him, as he waved the gun around as to shepherd us from the couch to the chairs. In a false gentlemanly way he said, “I hate to interrupt this riveting discussion, but if the three of you would all be so kind as to take your seats. Hands behind your backs so my partner can ensure you don’t escape.” I’m sure that had he not been wearing a mask, we’d see a big shit eating grin spreading across his face.

Reluctantly, we got up and moved to the chairs, placing our hands behind our backs, as the silent partner zip tied our hands to the chairs. As we were all secured, a silence fell over us. It wasn’t until about ten minutes had passed that out captor once again spoke and broke the uneasy quiet. “Back up a minute here, Loverboy. You said you wanted to kiss Bitch like that for months; surely you’ve kissed your girlfriend before.”

“Can’t you take a hint, asshole?” Rheta nearly screamed before I could answer. “Take a look at our outfits! Do you honestly believe that we are dressed to the nines like this all the time? We’ve been flirting since the summer, but tonight was our first date.” Tears were starting to flow from my sister’s eyes as she continued. “Tonight was going perfectly, and now you’ve ruined it!”

I struggled against my bindings as I watched my twin’s tears pour freely down her face. Giving a frustrated growl/sigh I said, “Dammit, would you please untie me so I can comfort her!” Not waiting for their answer, I probably scratched the floor to hell as I scooted myself closer to her. Taking the only part of myself that I could move freely, my foot, I rubbed Rheta’s leg reassuringly. “Hey, it’s ok. Fuck these assholes; I’m right here. There’s nowhere I’d rather be, than here with you, looking into your eyes and telling you how beautiful you look tonight and that I love you.”

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