A guy orchestrates a break-in to fuck his mom and sister

As I forced myself to watch the lake and not get caught ogling either of them, I tried to think of anything and everything under the sun to get my cock to settle down. I had just found the image of our school’s 85-year-old principal in my memory bank, when Mom ruined all my progress. Holding up a grape before my vision, she teased, “Would my lord like something to eat? We slaved away creating the greatest feast that we could provide for such a beach outing.”

“Mom, you make it sound like we’re his servants,” my sister said, drawing my attention back to her. “It’s bad enough that you forced me into this ridiculous bikini, please don’t humiliate me further by implying that my younger brother is the boss of me.”


“It’s only twenty minutes!” I defended myself. Something completely undone by the fact that Rheta was mouthing the refrain along with me, purposefully making her face look extra stupid to prove that she was better than me.

“I didn’t force you to wear anything, Rhe (my sister’s nickname),” Mom said. “I simply requested that you come out with me and that we spend some time together working on our tans. And besides,” she added as an afterthought, “you and your brother both know that he’s the servant in the household and that teasing him about that fact is something the both of us love doing.” Rheta just nodded along to this in agreement.

Jumping up, my wilting erection all but forgotten, I said, “I’m not your servant! I’m the man of the house! And as such, it’s my duty to ensure that you two are looked after and that any manual chores are done so you don’t have to do them. You two will miss me when I’m gone next year.”

Both of them giggled at this, but Mom just nodded her head. “Yes sweetie, I will miss both of you greatly next year when you go off to college. But not because I’ll be doing all the chores; but because my babies will be gone and I’ll be left alone. The two of you will be out in the world, living your own lives and I’ll be left by the wayside as you forge onwards.”

“Mom, we aren’t going to leave you,” I said as I sat down beside her on the lounge chair and pulled her into a hug.

A second later we were joined by Rheta as she joined us in the hug. “You have nothing to worry about Mom. We’re not big on friends and we’ve already promised to come home every other weekend.” I felt Mom nod to this after a moment, and after another minute or so we disengaged from each other and sat on our respective chairs.

The rest of the afternoon passed without much incident, aside from the fact that I was extremely focused on not getting an erection and/or staring at either of them for more than a few seconds. That was, until after dinner. The way that the cottage is set up is that the sunroom runs the length of the building with an entrance at either end into the cottage proper. There’s three bedrooms, with the middle one being flush with the sunroom and having a window (like a takeout window) into the sunroom. The middle bedroom’s always been mine, and I usually have the window closed, but I’d opened it when we came in for dinner to let the breeze blowing through the sunroom cool off my room so it wasn’t so stuffy tonight.

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