A guy orchestrates a break-in to fuck his mom and sister

The fact that I could see the truth of his words in my sister’s eyes was making my cock begin to solidify. I wanted so much to admit to what he was saying, break free from this chair and ravage Rheta like she clearly wanted me to. But I had a part to play in this fiction that I had concocted. “I’m not going to subjugate my girlfriend to essentially being raped for her first time while you perverts watch.”

“Henry…,” Rheta half whispered, half moaned. Looking to her, I say her eyes glaze over for a minute and I wondered again if I had just made her cum with my words. I stole a glance over at Mom to see how she was feeling at all this to find that she seemed to be cool as a cucumber as she watched with avid interest her children dance around the issue of having sex together.


“You really do have her wrapped around your finger, don’t you kid,” he said to me in awe as he watched Rhe as well. “I think she just came from hearing you try to protect her virtue.” He gave a small private chuckle at this. “But, I’m sure you know the saying: you can’t rape the willing. And the pair of you are more than willing.” Turning his attention back to Rheta he asked, “Hey Bitch, do you want your boyfriend here to punch your V-card?”

My sister glared at our captor at once again being called ‘Bitch’ for a moment before turning her attention back to me. We stared into each other’s eyes for a long moment before she turned her gaze away from me and hung her head. When she finally looked back up, there were tears in her eyes as she once again glared daggers at our captor. “That was my plan for tonight,” she admitted with hatred in her voice. I gave an internal sigh at having thrown a wrench into whatever she and Mom had planned; I hoped that I’d be able to make it up to them later. “But as I already said, you’ve ruined that. And Henry’s right: to lose it like this would be like being raped. And I don’t want to associate the love of my life with raping me. So shut the fuck up about my love life, take that gun you’ve been threatening us with and then try to shot your tiny dick off. When that’s done, go and try to choke on it!”

This time the man did not laugh. Instead, he pushed away from me and stepped right into Rheta’s face, the pistol under her chin. “Noooooo!” I shouted as I feared he would hurt her.

“Your tongue has gone from amusing to rude one too many times,” he snarled into Rhe’s unflinching face. “I’ve tried to be as civil with you as I can, but you constantly spit it back in my face. The next time you say something not to my liking, I’ll do exactly as you say: I’ll shot Loverboy here’s dick off and force him to choke on it. Do we understand each other?” For a second, I thought that she was going to say something to the tune of ‘go fuck yourself’ with the way she used her eyes to eviscerate him. But after a tense moment, she nodded her head that she understood. “Excellent. Now, my colleague and I are in the mood for some entertainment while we wait out the cops. So, here’s what’s going to happen, Bitch. To start, you’re going to tell us what you had in mind for tonight’s festivities. Tell us all every move you were going to make, so as to excite your boyfriend here. Then, we’re going to put that wicked tongue of yours to even better use as you give him a blowjob. Then, you’re going to fuck him. By the time all that’s done, enough time should have passed for us to be on our merry way. You will not call the police after we leave and we will all live happily ever after, is that understood?”

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