A guy orchestrates a break-in to fuck his mom and sister

The gun was still under her chin as my sister tried to use her eyes to cut this man to ribbons. “Yes, sir.” Never before had two words been spoken with such vitriolic venom and hatred in the history of the English language.

Finally removing the barrel of the gun from under her chin, our captor sat himself on the couch. “Excellent! Now, how were you going to seduce your knight in shining amour here? And please, don’t leave out any detail on my account.”


As I was slightly curious about this as well, I looked to Rheta with only mild curiosity on my face. But I knew that she could see in my eyes that I was dying to know how she had intended for this night to go. Looking first to Mom for a moment and then back to me, Rheta began, “Well, as I said early, tonight was our first date; but I had planned this out way back in the summer when we first started flirting with each other. We’ve known each other all our lives; she’s as much my mother as she is his,” she said with a head tilt to indicate Mom, “so I asked her for some help. Not long after our flirting started, the two of us went shopping and it was there that I told her of my desire to sleep with her son. Together, we set about picking out outfits for the two of us that would have us looking classy, but also turn the other on. I honestly had a mini orgasm when he walked into the kitchen and I saw him in the full glory of the outfit I’d chosen for him.”

“I don’t know how I didn’t cum in my pants when I saw you,” I revealed to her, forgetting entirely about our audience. “I was lucky to remain standing, and so thankful that the island was between us so you didn’t see how fast I got hard; nothing has ever made me so hard so fast in my life. Not even when you and your mom were wearing those matching Christmas bikinis for the Christmas in July party this year.” I took the chance to slyly check in on Mom, who had a flushed smile at hearing this.

“Is her mom as hot as she is?” our captor asked from the couch.

“My mother and I could be twins, except she has bigger tits and a fatter ass than I do,” Rheta said. I looked to Mom to see how she took the comments her daughter had made about her appearance, and was slightly shocked to see her smiling almost sweetly at Rhe.

Our captor simply gave a wolf whistle at hearing my twin’s description of our mom. “That does indeed sound maddeningly arousing. So, you and your boyfriend’s mom here got you some sexy clothes, which the both of you found more than adequate. So, what was your next move in your seduction plan?”

Once again giving a glare meant to kill (although this one seemed less hostile than the rest), Rheta continued to elaborate her plot. “As you can see, we were watching a movie, my favourite Christmas movie in fact. In a few minutes I was supposed to signal her,” she said with a head tilt to indicate Mom, “to go to the bathroom. While there, she was supposed to get a ‘text’ from someone asking for her to come over and ‘help’ with something or other. Once she’d left the house, I was going to take my boyfriend upstairs to his bedroom. We were supposed to have our first kiss as we fell onto his bed. After we made out for a few minutes, and I couldn’t take the feel of him so close yet so far in all these clothes, I was going to push myself away. Stopping any protests he’d have with a finger to his lips, I’d give a sexy wink as I stood and make my way to his old CD player.”

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