A guy orchestrates a break-in to fuck his mom and sister

“Who still uses CDs in this day and age?” our captor asked, once again breaking the spell Rheta’s words were having over me.

The pair of us glared at him for the interruption. But to keep Rheta from further angering our captor, I explained, “I don’t really use it unless I’m feeling really nostalgic; it’s mostly just a memento of a bygone era.” Turing back to my sister I asked what was clearly meant by the rude interruption, “What music were you going to play, that you couldn’t just use your phone for?”


Despite everything, Rheta actually blushed at this. “I, uh, may have, uh, made a playlist for me to strip and have sex with you. That I practiced a lot to ensure that my timing was perfect.”

Once again, I forgot that there were others in the room as I just stared at Rheta in utter horny disbelief. I could feel my jaw moving as words tried to form, but nothing but my sputtering came out. When after what felt like an eternity but was probably only a minute, my tongue started to work again. “I don’t think I’ve heard you say a hotter set of sentences in my life, and I soooooo, so, so, so want to see that routine. What songs are on that CD?”

Seeming to have eyes only for me, my sister just gave a seductive, Mona Lisa smile, “Wouldn’t you like to know, Big Boy?” she asked rhetorically in a sexy purr of a whisper that caused me to shudder visibly in my chair.

Nodding most enthusiastically, I heard myself give a whine akin to a dog begging for scraps of its owner’s dinner. Rheta smiled bashfully at this, while Mom gave a slight snicker that was drowned out by our captor’s robust laughter from the couch. After about thirty seconds of laughing, he calmed himself to find my sister once again glaring daggers at him. “Oh, cool your tits, Bitch: that whine was hilarious! I was going to let it pass, but I think Loverboy here deserves to know what songs were on that CD. He’s just as wrapped around your finger as you are his; throw your doggy here a bone.”

Deciding to have fun with it for the moment, I looked to her with the best set of puppy eyes I could muster and setting my lower lip aquiver. Rheta, knowing me inside and out from being my twin, couldn’t help the mirthful giggle my posing so over the top dramatically brought out in her. “Down boy,” she said playfully. Fully committed at this point, I gave a whimper to show how she was teasing me like this. Rheta rolled her eyes but gave a smile as she said in a faux authoritative voice, “Heel!”

“Yes, I do like your heels; they’re very sexy,” I quipped back at her. I could tell that she was about to say something about me being clever, when our captor gave another Umbridge-esque cough.

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