A guy orchestrates a break-in to fuck his mom and sister

It was Mom’s turn to glare upon him with a loathing look meant to kill. She looked just like Rheta as she did, I was surprised that the guy didn’t see the resemblance between mother and daughter. “You’re right, of course,” she said with a sneer, the exhale of air from her nostrils really added to the air of superiority that she clearly wanted to embody in this moment. “I would do anything to keep my son from harm, and I’ve honestly been horny all day thinking about tonight. But not for the reason you think, I’m attracted to his girlfriend. I’ve been trying to entice her into a relationship since the summer when we went shopping for outfits. But she’s so blinded by her love and lust for my son that she’s failed to pick up on my numerous hints, no matter how obvious I’ve been.”

“I did pick up on them,” Rheta said quietly, causing us to turn to her. Her head was down, as if in shame and her voice stayed quiet as she continued. “I mean, you said you’d love to see my ass in that gaudy neon green G-string bouncing up and down as I rode his pole. You weren’t exactly being subtle.” Looking to Mom, there were tears in Rhe’s eyes as she continued, “You know how much I love you, and I know how much you love me. But I hope you understand when I say that I needed Henry to be my first: he’s the love of my life, as I am his. I would have come to you, with his blessing, once we’d established our relationship a little further.”


“Oh, fuuuuuuuucccccckkkkkk!” I gasped through deep breathes, trying to hold myself off from cumming in my pants to the mental image of my mom and sister fucking. “Oh shit, that’s a hot mental picture,” I moaned, still having to breathe laboriously. “Fuck…you can…sleep with my mom, on two conditions. First, you tell me all about it afterwards. And second, I get to sleep with your mom.”

“I guess that’s only fair,” Rhe said, smiling at my naughtiness. “She’s been wanting to have you dominate her for like the past year and a half. Half the teasing we did over the summer was at her insistence and I had to rein her in from being too slutty almost constantly.”

Throwing my head back with a muffled moan, my body trembled as I tried to withhold my oncoming orgasm, so much so that the chair I was tied to started to sound like teeth chattering in the cold. I caught a glimpse of Mom to see her thighs nearly shaking as much as my own, and the expression of need on her face. “Ok, if I don’t get out of these pants soon, I’m going to have one awkward visit to the dry cleaners in my near future!” I couldn’t stand the pressure in my balls any longer; hearing that the two of them had confided their fantasies to each other was almost more arousing than the thought of them together.

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