A guy orchestrates a break-in to fuck his mom and sister

Hearing the metallic click of the gun, I was brought back to the reality of the situation. “Well, Mommy dearest, what’s it gonna be? Would you rather have your son’s blood on your hands, or his cum in your throat? Time’s up on your indecisiveness.”

“Well, what are you waiting for, untie me!” Mom said. Our captor just nodded to his cohort, who pulled a knife from his pocket and cut Mom loose. Once freed, she slipped to her knees and waddled over to me. “I’m sorry,” she said as she brought her hand up to my cheek. Her tone was morose, but I saw the gleam of glee in her eyes. “I haven’t done this to anyone since your father left me, so I apologize if my technique isn’t up to snuff.”


I was slightly surprised to hear that; surely my gorgeous mother had had dates in the past nineteen years. But it appeared that my confusion was what she was after, as I suddenly felt the cool air of freedom on my hard cock, before the warmth of her mouth captured my entire 8″. I don’t think I was able to last the two seconds our captor was saying I would, for as soon as I felt her lips wrap around my cock about 2-3 inches down, I started shooting. Her mouth lowered further as I kept spewing down her throat until her lips were buried in my pubes. Pulling back to the tip, Mom caught the last spurts in her mouth before pulling off me and swirling it around in her mouth for a moment before swallowing. I had hoped that after blowing my long pent-up load like that I would go slightly soft, but seeing my gorgeous mother willingly swirl and taste my cum in her mouth will keep any guy hard for hours.

“I think that you need a bit more fruit in your diet, sweetie. If you expect your girlfriend here,” she said with a nod to Rhe, “to go down on you, you should at least make the effort to have your cum taste as good as it can. That being said, it was surprisingly better than I thought it would be. There’s a sentence I never thought I’d say to you,” she commented more to herself than anyone.

“Fuck Mom, that was hot,” I said between laboured breaths. Uneasily, I turned to look to my sister, wondering how she took this. But I shouldn’t have worried, for if the look on her face was any indication, she was nearly as turned on as I was. And her eyes couldn’t look away from my cock.

Licking her lips, she whispered in awe, “So big…can’t wait.”

Clearly having heard her, our captor gave a bark of a laugh. “Well Bitch, wait no more!” Waving the gun in his hand loosely towards her, he sent his silent cohort towards Rheta. “Wait,” he said before the guy could take a step. “Secure Mommy dearest before they get any ideas.” Mom sat back in her chair without so much as a complaint as her hands and feet were once again secured to the chair. “Just out of curiosity, how excited are you for this Bitch? On a scale of 1-10, how turned are you knowing that Loverboy here is about to fuck your brains out?”

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