A guy orchestrates a break-in to fuck his mom and sister

Once again pulling herself away, Rheta turned to our captors. “Turn around!” she said forcefully to them. “You owe us the privacy of this intimate moment, since you ruined it. Let us lose our virginities privately.”

I half expected them to deny this request, but it seemed that they agreed that this should be a private moment for us. Turning around, the pair of them gave us a some privacy. “The faster you get this done, the faster you get us out of your hair,” our captor said as an incentive.


“I’m sorry,” I said quietly in her ear.

“Don’t be, brother,” she whispered back. Taking my hand in her own, she pulled it down her body to the hem of her dress, before placing it on the soaked gusset of her panties. “Ohhh,” she moaned as she felt my hand on her. Whispering in my ear so only I could hear, she teased me further, “Do you feel how wet you make me brother? I’ve been on the brink of the biggest orgasm of my life since Mom pulled your cock out from your pants. I know it was only for a minute, but did you like her mouth on your dick? You know that the two of us are going to do that striptease for you tomorrow when we’re alone. But for right now, I want you to tear my hymen with this monstrous cock.” She licked my ear as she gripped my cock which stood tall and hard between us.

With a brief peck to my lips, Rheta stood up as she hiked up her dress over her ass. It was then that I saw her red lacy thong, as she pulled it aside to reveal to me her smooth-shaven pussy. My mouth instantly salivated as I saw her engorged clit and puffy lips. My cock gave a noticeable twitch which caused my sister to give me a sexy grin.

Kissing me as she once again straddled me, Rhe slowly grinded her wet slit up and down my cock. “Mmmm fuck!” she moaned loudly. “I need you inside me. Lift me up and shove your perfect cock in my tight pussy.” Before I could react, she was kissing me again as her hands brought my own to her waist. Feeling the soft but crumbled fabric of her dress, I lifted my sister up so that her pussy was in line with my dick.

Bringing her down so that just the tip of my cock was at her entrance, I felt Rhe nod as she continued to kiss me, inviting me to bring us both into the world of carnal (twincestuous) pleasure. The moment finally at hand, I both pulled her down as I thrust myself up, tearing through her hymen as our pelvises rested against each other.

“Fffffuuuuucccccckkkk!” we both moaned as the sensations of losing our virginities took us by storm and forced us to break apart from the kiss. The wet warmth that surrounded my cock was better and tighter than I could have ever imagined. The feeling of finally being in her pussy was added to by the spasmodic pulses that caused her muscles to clamp around me erratically.

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