A guy orchestrates a break-in to fuck his mom and sister

“Oooooooohhhhhhhh FUCK! I’m cumming! I’m cumming on your big cock! Yeeesssss! Finally cumming on Henry’s cock!” Rheta near shouted in my ear as a new flood of wetness drenched the tightness that was her pussy. At first, I tried to hold her steady, fearing both that she’d inadvertently hurt herself and/or that the friction would cause me to blow my ready-to-go load. But I was soon just trying to limit her movements so that she wasn’t bucking randomly with enough force to unbalance us from our current seated position. “Oh Henry, oh Henry, OH HENRY!” she moaned as she bounced on my cock, finally seeming to get us into a rhythm.

In an attempt to make myself last a little longer, I jumped at the opportunity for word play. “I think I’d rather have a KitKat right now.”


Stopping her bouncing, Rhe looked at me with a look that bordered on being hurt, before understanding lit up her face and she gave the most girlish giggle I’ve ever heard from her. “Don’t be such a Smarties-pants,” she shot back as she restarted her bouncing. “And enjoy the Mounds that are in front of you.” Winking at me, she simultaneously squeezed her pussy on my cock and nodded to her breasts, revealing which mounds she was referring to with her joke.

Removing my hands from her waist, I took hold of the spaghetti straps on her shoulders and pulled them down. Rheta stopped riding my cock as she removed her arms from the straps as I took a hold of the dress. Slowly, I pulled the bodice down to reveal her perfect tits to my gaze. Her dress now a crumbled slash at her hips, my hands rode up her sides, loving the feel of her smooth skin and the heat that radiated from it. As they slid up, I brought my hands more onto her front so that when they reached my sister’s tits my palms were covering her pink, silver dollar sized areolas. Her nipples were hard and about a half an inch in length as they dragged against my palms as I kneaded her tit flesh sensually. My hands were just slightly bigger than her tits, which allowed for me to firmly grab them.

“Ohhhhh, yeeeeeessssssssss! Squeeze my titties in your strong hands!” Rhe gasped as I continued to play with her breasts. My dick in her pussy seemed to be all but forgotten as she just seemed to be squeezing me whenever I squeezed her tits just right. That’s when I brought my fingers to her nipples and started to twist and pinch them. “OH FUCK!” my sister moaned as an explosion seemed to go off in her pussy. Her hips began thrusting erratically as our groins were flooded with her juices. “AAAAAAAAARRRRGGGGGGHHHHH!” she screamed incoherently, before slumping into my shoulder, her body limp.

Looking up, I saw Mom looking at us with nothing but love and lust in her eyes as she gazed longingly where my cock entered Rheta’s pussy. She saw me looking at her and gave me sexy smile. That’s when I noticed that we were the only ones in the room as the faint sound of the door closing was heard from the hallway. Mom also heard the door shutting as she looked around to notice that we were once again alone. “Bout time those fuckers left,” she huffed out. “Rheta! Wake up and come untie me!”

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