A guy orchestrates a break-in to fuck his mom and sister

Rheta gave a jolt as Mom’s voice seemed to revive her to the land of the living. “Fuck!” she swore as she tried to move. “Why am I so sensitive?”

“Earth-shaking orgasms will do that to you, sweetheart,” Mom explained. “Our ‘friends’ have left; so, can you please get off you brother and come untie me so that I can have him fuck me too!” I looked to Mom slightly confused but no less excited that I wouldn’t even have to try to get her to fuck me after everything that had just happened. Looking me in the eye, Mom said some of the hottest words I’d ever heard coming out of her mouth. “The second your sister finishes untying me, young man, you are going to come over here, rip my dress off and fuck your Mommy-Slut until she passes out. Do I make myself clear?”


I could only nod as Rheta spoke over me to respond. “Hold your horses, Mommy-Slut. Henry still hasn’t cum in me yet, and you don’t get to have two loads before I’ve had one!” With that, Rheta started to wiggle her hips and sliding herself up and down my shaft again.

“Fuck, sis! How does your pussy feel so good and know just how to squeeze me even though I just took your virginity?” I asked between our moans.

“Because this pussy was made for you, Big Brother. No other cock is ever going to be in here, except maybe Mom’s strap-on,” she teased with an extra tight squeeze as she bottomed herself out. “I love you Henry, and I don’t want anyone else but you. So, fuck me! Fuck me as hard and as often as you want! Just never stop fucking me! Fuck me until we dieeeeee!” She started to squeal at the end as another orgasm seemed to plow through her, not nearly as intense as the previous, but clearly still quite powerful. After catching her breath for a minute, Rheta looked at me with a wicked gleam in her eyes. Putting her hand on the back of my head, she brought my mouth to her nipple where I immediately sucked it in. “OH Henry! Yes, suck my nipples. I can’t wait to feel you biting them as you cum deep in my tight pussy.” Her dirty talk had me throbbing inside said tight pussy, which caused her to give a giggling moan. “You like that idea, don’t you Big Brother? You like the idea of flooding my tight little pussy with your cum and biting my super sensitive nipples so that I can squirt all over you as you do?”

“Fuck yes!” I moaned, as my hips seemed to bounce off my chair into her downward thrusting pussy.

“Ohh, I can tell you’re going to shoot a big load in me brother. But not yet.” Her next words were whispered into my ear so that only I could hear them. “Let’s tease your new Mommy-Slut a little so that she’s begging to have you fuck her as soon as you spew that massive load boiling in your balls into my unprotected womb.” I groaned loudly at her words, as I gave an extra suck to her nipples. Arching her back so as to have more of her chest sucked into my mouth, threw Rheta’s head back as she continued to talk. “Oh, I bet you wish that my titties would swell with milk for you to drink? Maybe I could be your Baby-Mama-Slut; would you like that baby? Seeing your Mommy and sister in a sexy sixty-nine, with our round bellies slipping against each other as our breasts’ leak out milk from being pushed together? Or how about having you fuck us in school, on the principal’s desk as we broadcast it into the entire school over the PA system?” Her silky tight pussy squeezed down on me like a vice as she rode me while trying to tease both me and Mom.

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