A guy orchestrates a break-in to fuck his mom and sister

“Ffffuuucccckkkk!” both me and Mom moaned at hearing these words. Mom continued as she squeezed and rubbed her thighs together in an attempt to relieve the pressure she clearly felt, “Hurry up, please. Mommy-Slut needs it so badly,” she whined like a begging child.

Deciding to push my dominance and see if what I’d heard over Halloween was the truth, I ordered, “Stop your whining, Mommy-Slut! Your Master and Mistress are busy and we will get to you when we’re done. If you make one more peep before I cum in Rheta’s tight cunt, you won’t be getting fucked this entire weekend. Understood?” Rheta had stopped her movements once I’d declared our shared ownership of Mom, but resumed them once I was finished making my stand.


Mom just nodded with the most sexually hungry look I’d ever seen. “Good Mommy-Slut,” I praised her. Unable to really stop myself, I continued to push Mom. “Spread your legs, Mommy-Slut; we can’t have you coming before me, now can we?” It was a rhetorical question, but she shook her head no in agreement. “Fuck Rheta, your pussy feels amazing!”

“As does your big cock stretching me out!” she praised back. “Now cum in my pussy brother! Flood me with your potent seed!” Rhe slammed herself down onto me as I thrusted up into her, using all my strength to lift our pelvises off the chair my legs were still tied to.

“Fuck sis…here…I…CUM!” I shouted as my balls emptied into my sister’s tight and welcoming pussy. As she felt me cumming inside her, Rheta’s eyes rolled back into her head and she flopped like a ragdoll onto me. The two of us laid there in a crumbled ball as we panted to regain our breath. Flopping my head back, I looked over to Mom and nearly laughed out loud.

Mom was still sitting with her legs spread, but I could see her thighs quivering as they longed to be brought together. Her face was scrunched up in concentration as she was biting her lip and breathing through her nose so as not to make any more noise. Her eyes were solely focused on my dick and where it disappeared into Rhe’s pussy. Deciding to be nice and end her torment, I said, “You’ve been a good girl, Mommy-Slut; you can cum and speak now.”

Immediately, her thighs squeezed shut and her head was thrown back as she let out an ecstatic cry. “THANK YOU, MASTER!” she yelled at the top of her lungs, causing Rheta to stir on my chest. “Please Master, can your Mommy-Slut have your cock now? I need to feel it in my wet pussy so bad; Mommy-Slut feels like she’ll die if she doesn’t get your cock right now!”

Looking down to see if Rheta had recovered enough to get off of me so that I could go and fuck our mother, I saw her smile. Pushing herself off of me, we both let out a moan as she stood and my half hard dick slid out of her pussy. “I’ll grab the scissors,” she said as she wobbled away, with a hand held to her slit to keep my cum inside. She returned a moment later, handed me the scissors, and flopped onto the couch with a hand still trying to hold my cum inside her pussy.

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