A guy orchestrates a break-in to fuck his mom and sister

Cutting my legs free, I stood as I let my pants fall to the floor. Giving a stretch, I stepped out of my pants and walked towards my waiting mother. With a loving look, I gently cupped her face before running my hand into her hair and giving it a sharp tug back. “Suck my cock, Mommy-Slut! Get it clean from your children’s juices. Make sure it’s hard enough to pound that pussy of yours into oblivion!”

“Yes Master,” was all she said. But the look of utter devotion in her eyes spoke volumes more than her words ever could. With that, I released her hair and once again felt the warm, wet, knee-weakening sensations that were my mother giving me a blowjob. She seemed to be taking her time with this one, savouring the moment and flavours of her children’s combined juices. I could tell that she would have loved to suck me off for the rest of the night, but that wasn’t what I had in mind.


Pulling her hair once again to get her to stop sucking, I said, “Another night, I will let you suck me until we fall asleep.” Stepping behind the chair, I knelt down to cut her hands free, before moving to her feet. Standing us both up so that we were facing each other, I continued. “But tonight, I have something else in mind.” Not waiting for a response, I flung my lips onto hers and started to kiss her with a rough hunger that was quickly mirrored by my mother.

Moaning as the kiss continued, Mom’s arms were soon wrapped around my neck as she tried to pull me closer. My hands roamed from her waist to her meaty ass as I pulled our crotches together. I gently lowered us to the floor so that I was on top of her. Bringing my hands to her big titties, I gave them a firm squeeze as I broke the kiss, causing Mom to moan in frustration and pleasure.

“Now, I tend not to let my sluts tell me what to do, especially when they are first pledging themselves to me, but seeing as I like the idea of ripping your dress off you,” I said as I took a hold of the fabric covering her tits. “That’s exactly what I’m going to do.” With a roar, I used all the strength my upper body possessed to rip a jagged seam down the middle of her dress.

My earlier suspicions of Mom also being braless was confirmed as her wonderfully big boobs spilled out of the torn dress. What caught me off guard was the black garter belt that wrapped around her crotchless panties. “Fuck, Mommy-Slut! You weren’t kidding around; braless, crotchless panties, garter belt, fuck me pumps, and that pearl necklace, you were definitely planning on getting fucked tonight, weren’t you?”

“Your Mommy-Slut wanted to show you how much of a slut she could be, Master,” Mom answered with a voice heavy with lust. Turning herself over, she brought herself onto her hands and knees. “Not to correct you Master, but they aren’t crotchless panties, it’s a crotchless thong; that way, my Master has access to all three of my fuckholes to use as he sees fit.” Wiggling her hips in a tantalizing display, she gave me a coquettish grin over her shoulder.

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