A guy orchestrates a break-in to fuck his mom and sister

Grabbing her hips, I said, “And I plan to use them often, Mommy-Slut.” No longer able to resist the temptation, I raised my hand and brought it down onto Mom’s ass with a satisfying smack.

“One. Thank you, Master. May I have another?” Mom immediately said after letting out a soft moan upon being spanked.


I don’t know why, but this sparked a bit of anger in me. With the hand that had smacked her ass, I reached up to her head, grabbed a fistful of hair and sharply pulled her head back. “Who has been training you, Mommy-Slut? Who else has gotten you to pledge you body to them?”

“N-No one, Master. I swear, you and your sister are the only ones with claims to my body. But I have been reading a lot of incest submission stories online, and counting your spanks, thanking your spanker and asking for more seems to be standard procedure. I was just trying to be a good Mommy-Slut, that’s all Master.”

Releasing my hold of her hair, I brought my hand back to her ass and gently rubbed the redder skin from where I had spanked her. “Forgive me, Mommy-Slut. I’ve read stories like that also, and I guess it caused me to jump to conclusions. I’m sorry.” I bowed my head shamefully as I finished my apology, hoping Mom would understand.

When I felt her hand on mine as I continued to rub her ass, I looked up to see her looking at me. “There’s nothing to forgive, Master,” she said with a smile. “Now, which of my fuckholes would you like to use first?”

Smiling, I began to rub my dick back to full hardness in the wet cleft of her pussy lips. “I think I’ll take this slutty cunt first, Mommy-Slut. But rest assured, I plan to destroy that ass of yours before the weekend is out.”

“Thank you Master. It’s been so long since Mommy-Slut’s had her shitter reamed and she’s been looking forward to your big, beautiful cock doing that for so long.”

Every word Mom spoke in these moments were just turning me on more and more. So, I decided to see how filthy my mother could be. Lining myself up to her entrance, I shoved myself in in one single motion, causing us both to groan in pleasure, but held myself still for a moment. Grabbing the two braids she had in a single hand, I gently pulled her head back as I leaned down into her ear to whisper my next commands. “Did you know that I’ve recorded you getting off to thoughts of submitting to me? The things you say with that slutty tongue of yours always get me harder than diamonds. So, while I fuck this wet cunt of yours, I want you to say any and everything that comes to that dirty mind of yours that you are willing to do and/or have me do to you. Make it as dirty and slutty as you can. Because you don’t get to cum until I fill this surprisingly tight twat of yours with my spunk. And if you do cum before I do, not only will you not get fucked or be allowed to orgasm for the rest of Christmas break while you watch me fuck your Mistress through the Karma Sutra each and every day, you are going to go to every teacher at school, while they are teaching, and offer your sexual services to them for the whole class to hear.” As I finished laying out her punishment, should she fail to comply with my demands, Mom’s body visibly shuddered, and her pussy squeezed my cock in a wave-like pattern. “Do I make myself clear, Mommy-Slut?”

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