A guy orchestrates a break-in to fuck his mom and sister

Nodding her head as best she could with her braids still in my grasp, Mom answered, “Yes Master, crystal clear.” I started to move my hips in and out at a slow pace, gradually picking up speed as she continued to talk and spew such slutty fantasies. “But I must admit, the idea of walking up to Ms. Frost or Mrs. Blight and asking them if I could lick their pussies is just tempting enough to make me consider cumming right now. But then I wouldn’t get to feel this wonderful cock pounding my slutty holes during Christmas at Aunt Marie’s house making me moan so loud that your aunt and cousin come in to see what is going on and I force my even more submissive sister to 69 with me while you play musical fuckholes with the two of us and Rheta ties up Aurora in a spread eagle on her mother’s bed. Then you fuck your submissive auntie doggy-style over her naked, splayed daughter, only letting her cum when Aurora gives in and finally demands that you fuck her too.” Fuck if I didn’t nearly bust my nut at those visuals.

My hips were going a mile a minute at this point, causing the loud slaps of my pelvis against Mom’s doughy ass to echo throughout the main floor. I tried to focus my energies of tuning out Mom and staving off my climax for as long as I could, but the things she was describing (things that by the very nature of her saying them were all things she was ok with us doing) just couldn’t be ignored. “Or how about, when you’re off at college next year, I seduce Irene Duque and gift her to you for Christmas so that you can film yourself having sex with that jerk’s younger sister as one last ‘fuck you’ to him. Hell, what if I got her to seduce his girlfriend and you can fuck them both while they trash talk him and beg for your cock.


“Maybe the next time we’re at a fancy restaurant, I sneak under the table and suck you off like the good Mommy-Slut I am. And when you’re just about to blow and cover my face with your thick, hot cum for me to spend the rest of the meal with on my slutty face, I flag down a pretty waitress and have you spew it all over her. I’ll apologize for the mess and offer to help her clean up in the bathroom, where I’ll lick your cum from her face, savouring it in my mouth and then kiss her and have us share it. I’ll work her up to the same point I had you at, and when she can’t take the orgasm denial any longer, I’ll tell her that she needs to get her sexiest co-worker, come to our table and have them 69 each other while you jerk off all over their hot bodies. Then I’ll pull out my strap-on and we can tag team them, or DP or spit roast them one at a time.”

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