A guy orchestrates a break-in to fuck his mom and sister

Stopping myself because I knew I was just one more slutty sentence from my mother’s mouth away from cumming, I said, “Fuck Mommy-Slut! Those are hot!” Mom just mewled contently and tried to rock herself on my cock before I used my free hand and gave her a solid SMACK on her ass. “Hold still, Mommy-Slut.”

“Yes Master. Sorry Master. That was one, Master. Thank you for spanking me, Master. May your Mommy-Slut please have another, Master, while she gives you more examples of how she can be the best slut for you Master?”


Still catching my breath, I said, “Hold those thoughts, Mommy-Slut. I need to confer with your Mistress and see what she thinks of all this.” I looked to Rheta as Mom whispered her compliance. “You know that I love you, but now that we’ve taken this step, I don’t know how much you are comfortable with these fantasies of me sleeping with other women. I’ll admit that what Mom’s said in the past ten minutes is really hot and the thought of fulfilling each of these fantasies has me ready to blow. But if you just want me to focus on you and Mom, that’s all I’ll do, and just let these remain fantasies.”

Standing up from the couch, Rheta walked over to me before kneeling down at my side. I noticed that the leakage from her deflowered pussy had seemed to stop and that her thighs, tits and stomach seemed to have a dried sheen to them. Leaning in, Rheta brought a hand to my cheek before she kissed me sensually, but chastely. “To say that I know that I can’t have you to myself and that that knowledge kills me a little every time I remember it, is an understatement. While I love Mom and want her to be happy, there is a part of me that will always be selfish in wanting to hoard you all to myself. That being said, the idea of you having a harem with me as your alpha, or a million one-night stands that you tell me about afterwards is also very hot. To be honest, since I’m bi, I’d definitely would want to be in on some of that action. Mom’s fantasies were quite hot, and don’t have to be used using just her,” she said with a sexy wink. “So, I’m going to make you a deal, which I know you’ll accept because only an idiot would turn down an offer this good. Build your harem or have your one-night stands, but every time you do, I want you to let me know that you’re trying to get laid. I won’t stop you, so long as whenever I say it’s our time to be together, you spoil me rotten and love me the way I want to be loved. I may want it rough and mean or sweet and tender, or I might just want you to go down on me for three hours straight and not give you any relief. Hell, I might just want an hour where I worship that beautiful cock of yours. Do we have a deal?”

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