A guy orchestrates a break-in to fuck his mom and sister

In lieu of a response, I just pulled her in to me with both hands and kissed her passionately. After a minute of kissing my sister, I pulled away. “You are the best sister turned girlfriend that anybody has ever had!”

She smiled as she reached down and gave quick, light slaps to each of Mom’s ass cheeks, causing her to give a moan and to squeeze down on my cock that was still buried to the hilt in her. “That was one and two, Mistress. Thank you, Mistress. May I please have some more, Mistress?” Mom said with a sexy purr to her voice.


Once again taking her braids into a single hand, I gave five rapid thrusts before I gave Mom a harder slap to each cheek. “Was I done with you yet, Mommy-Slut?”

“Oh Master, I’m sorry. I hope you weren’t done with me yet, Master. That was two and three Master. Mommy-Slut thanks you for spanking her, Master and invites and hopes that you’ll do it again.” Finally giving her what she seemed to want, I smacked Mom’s ass twice more on each cheek before landing a finally harder blow closer to the centre along her crack and over her puckered sphincter. The final slap sent her pussy aflutter and almost made me cum. “OOOOHHHH Thank you, Master, thank you so much! Those were spanks 4,5,6,7 and 8, and this Mommy-Slut thanks you for each and every one, Master. Please Master, may I have another?” The desperation was starting to come back to her voice, telling me that if I were to continue spanking her, she would cum just from them alone.

But I still wanted to cum in her snug pussy and have that be what sets her off. Giving a gentle tug on her rein-like braids, I somewhat denied her request. “Not just now, Mommy-Slut. First, we’re going to pick up where we left off. I’m going to give your delectable, fat ass a small slap, but it’s not a spanking, more just something to get you moving and talking again like you were a few minutes ago.” And with that, I gave an upward smack to her ass as I started to get my hips going once again.

“Ohhhh fuck me Master, I love your cock in my slutty pussy,” Mom moaned as we once again began to build up a rhythm. “You know who would make a sexy one-night stand or an excellent addition to your new harem? Your kindergarten teacher, Ms. Black. I bumped into her the other day at the store and found out that she called off her engagement after finding that gay-ass ex of hers in bed with his boss. We agreed to get drinks after the break. Maybe I should invite her over for coffee and offer her the special homemade creamer that my son’s been giving me for the past few weeks. And when she asks for the recipe, you can tell her that you’ll only tell her in her classroom after school one day. Wouldn’t it be so hot and dirty and slutty to whip out your dick in her classroom and get her to choke on it as you mark her as your slutty little teacher whore when you cum on her face and tell her to send the picture to her ex and say that her former student from her first ever class was a better fuck than he ever could be? Wouldn’t you love to shoot your cum into her platinum blonde hair or onto those big pale titties that she tries so hard to hide? You can demand that she meet us at a no-tell motel where she gets to let her inner cumslut out in full force while the three of us fuck her into a drooling mess and cover her with our cum.”

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