A guy orchestrates a break-in to fuck his mom and sister

“Fuck, Mommy-Slut, I love that wicked tongue of yours. I think that I’m ready to burst, so I want you to make the next fantasy out of your mouth to be the sluttiest thing you’ve said all night.” I had slowed myself down to where I was using deep, powerful strokes, so that I wouldn’t be cumming so soon.

“Yes, Master. One slutty fantasy to be turned into reality coming up. Did you ever notice that Ms. Ovapasch doesn’t like me very much? Did you ever wonder to yourself why that was?”


“This isn’t sounding very slutty, Mommy-Slut. It’s not even sexy,” I said in a slightly annoyed tone.

Stopping her own movements for a moment, Mom turned and looked at me over her shoulder. “Trust me Master, not only is this sexy and slutty beyond your wildest dreams, it’s going to genuinely rock your world. The reason that she hates me, is you two.” The both of us gasped at this, as we had (at Mom’s continued insistence) always been nice to Ms. Ovapasch and her daughter Alexandria. “Don’t worry, it’s not your fault in the way that your thinking of it; she isn’t so petty as to hate you two, but the two of you are the reason she hates me. You see, before you were born, Jackie and your Aunt Marie were inseparable. If they didn’t have boyfriends, I’d have said that they were dating each other; which looking back now is kinda what they were doing. Shortly after Aurora was born, I went to visit Marie. When Jackie and who I thought was her boyfriend showed up, they had some alcohol with them. Marie told me that I could have some as long as I didn’t get too drunk that I was throwing up later. Some coolers and hours later, Marie gets called to work, and takes off with Aurora, while the three of us continued to drink. Half an hour after that, they’re making out, and my being a horny teenager with a cute guy and a hot girl am trying to get in on the action.”

At this point, I’ve stopped fucking Mom and she hasn’t resumed fucking me since she stopped after I called her out on this not being a slutty story. Which up until her admitting she wanted to have sex with both Ms. Ovapasch and her boyfriend, it wasn’t. “I thought you said that this was a slutty, sexy story, Mommy-Slut? You’re giving me lots of details, but none of them are slutty and I’m starting to go limp in your pussy. So, get to the slutty part, or I’ll punish you more severely than what I said would happen if you came before I did.”

“You mean like the part where while they were making out, I slid under Jackie’s skirt and started to lick her bald pussy and making her break the kiss and moan out how I, Marie, was so good at licking her pussy. Or maybe how I had also pulled out his big cock and was stroking him while I licked her, before switching over to suck him and finger her. Slutty like that, Master? Or maybe how after I had swallowed his cock to the root that he said ‘Oh shit, sis! Not even you can deep throat me like this!’ Yes, the boy I thought was Jackie’s boyfriend was actually her brother! When I heard that I popped my head off his dick and looked between the two of them. ‘Fuck me like you do our sisters and I’ll not only keep your secret, I’ll be your slut forever.’ Forgive me, Master, but I said those words to him, and at the time, I meant them. And he did fuck me, Master, he fucked us both. They made me their slut, and by the end of the day, I was covered in so much cum that I can still feel the layers of it on my today. That’s when Marie got home, and upon seeing me covered and filled with so much cum, snapped. She was so angry at Jackie and her brother for taking advantage of me and all but threw them out of the house. She was so upset that she kicked me out too.

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