A guy orchestrates a break-in to fuck his mom and sister

“When we finally spoke again, she apologized for the way her friends had treated me and said that she had cut all ties with them and that they were never to speak to us again. That’s when I told her I was pregnant with you two and she immediately called Jackie and said that we all needed to talk. We met at Jackie’s parents’ house where I learned that Jackie was also pregnant. Marie called Jackie’s parents into the room and told them everything: her and Jackie’s relationship, the relationship between Jackie and her brother, their relationship with me, that both me and Jackie were pregnant with his children, as well as the fact that Aurora was his as well. Long story short is that his family had him chemically castrated and had the three of us sent here so that we’d be away from them but close to each other so that their grandchildren could grow up, not knowing the truth, but still close and potentially in each others’ lives.”

Mom started to push herself on and off of my cock at this point. “You want a slutty fantasy to make reality, Master, why don’t we call up your aunties, invite them over for Christmas, let your sister-cousins know how related we all really are, and you can fuck us all into submission with your glorious, incestuous, cock. You’d have your alpha sister, your Mommy-Slut, a couple of pet-aunties and some sister-cousin-slaves to fuck, one for every day of the week with an orgy every Sunday. Knocking us up so that our big titties get even bigger as they fill with milk for you to drink and feed the daughters you’re going to fuck into the six of us. Wouldn’t you like to have an incest harem at your beck and call for you to fuck, or having us fuck each other with dildos and strap-ons? Isn’t that just the kinkiest, sluttiest, nastiest thing you could think of? And it’s only just a phone call, and spiked drinks away. God, I can’t wait to taste Jackie’s pussy again; she tasted like peaches and I just need to eat that peach again.”


At this point I was hanging on by a thread as I pounded away at my mother’s sweet cunt. Sweat pouring down my face, I finally let go of Mom’s braids and used both hands to power back her hips as I thrusted forward with all my might. “S-S-So close, Mommy-Slut. Talk dirty to me so that I can fill your slutty twat with cum and we can start to plan that dinner.”

“Did you know that your Mommy-Slut hasn’t been on the pill since the summer, and that right now is a fertile day? So, if you blow that huge, hot load boiling in those sexy balls of yours right now and flood my slutty, little pussy, you could be making the first step into knocking up all the women in your incest harem.”

“FFFFFFUUUUUUCCCCCKKKKKKK!” I howled as my balls completely emptied into my mother’s apparently fertile pussy. As she felt my sperm flooding her womb, Mom gave a similar cry before having her arms and legs give out on her, causing the both of us to fall to the floor in a heap of sweaty flesh.

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