A guy orchestrates a break-in to fuck his mom and sister

It wasn’t for another ten minutes that the two of us did anything more than heavily pant to get any air and strength back into our bodies. When I could finally move again, I rolled off of Mom and onto my back, where I immediately found both my sides to be filled by the two most important women in my life. Wrapping my arms around the both of them, I snuggled them in tighter. With a loud exhalation of breath I said, “Wow, I never would have thought tonight would end like this?”

At this, Mom gave a small laugh. “Oh really? You mean you didn’t plan tonight’s events out since the start of the week when you invited us for a movie date at home, just the three of us?”


Turning my head slightly to look at her, I gave an apologetic smile. “I mean, I’ve been planning this since like Halloween, I just didn’t think it would end the way it did.”

“What’s shocked you?” Rhe asked.

“What didn’t turn out like you planned?” Mom questioned at the same time as Rheta. She continued, “It can’t be the intruders dead set on not noticing the family resemblance between the three of us as they got you to have sex with your sister. Nor could it have been your correct conclusion that I’d want to jump your bones as soon as they’d left and I’d been teased all night long. What about tonight wasn’t your plan?”

Turning away from Mom, I looked to Rheta to see how she was taking these revelations about how deep I was involved in tonight’s goings on. She just gave me a blank look and I knew that to get to see her actual feelings on this, I’d have to tell my truth. “I set this all into motion before I knew that the two of you had your own plans for tonight. I didn’t really realize that until I was getting dressed for dinner and by then it was too late to stop what I had set in motion. I found a guy on Craigslist and told him I wanted to help my buddy get laid with his girlfriend and him being too shy to take that step. I read a story online where a group of friends come up with the idea to stage break-ins in each others’ houses and forcing the friend to have sex with his mom and sister. I told the guy that tonight was a date between my buddy and his girlfriend and that they weren’t to hurt anyone, and stage it so that they would think that getting us to fuck was for his enjoyment. He doesn’t know that I’m the one who hired him, or that Rhe and I are siblings, at least from what I’ve told him in our correspondence. I didn’t know that he was planning on bringing a partner, although that did help sell the illusion of me being overpowered at first, nor was I aware about how mean they were going to be. But I guess staging a break-in requires a bit of roughness to sell the act.

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