A guy orchestrates a break-in to fuck his mom and sister

“I won’t beat around the bush; I know that we’ve all been aware that we’ve all wanted to sleep with each other for awhile now. Because I was too cowardly to take that leap and trust that what I was seeing and hearing from you two was the truth and that we didn’t have to involve others, I came up with a solution that I thought would solve any potential pitfalls that might arise from us crossing the line. If it’s what we wanted, great, now we’re over the hump of our insecurities; if it wasn’t, we just try to forget that this ever happened and just outwardly blame it all on the perverts who invaded our home. I’m sorry that I lied to you about tonight and that I ruined the plans that you two had clearly put a lot of effort into.” Turning to look directly at Rheta I said, “I’m sorry that, in a sense, I did rape you and that I took your virginity in such a deceitful way. It was a cruel trick that I should never have forced you to play out, especially knowing that you had feelings for me. I hope that you can see why I did what I did and punish me accordingly.”

Raising her hand, she gently brushed her fingers across my cheek before cupping my face. “I was hurt when I realized that you had organized tonight the way you did. When I figured out that they were here to try to get me to have sex with you, I wanted to pull the rug out and tell them the truth about who we are to each other. But even though I was hurt and mad, I was also thankful. Here was my chance to tell my brother just how much I love him, my chance to actually be with him like I’d spent the last nine months fantasizing about. You kissed me, defended me and treated me like your actual girlfriend, when those two were here and my heart melted because of that. Ever since we got back from the cottage, I’ve been scared that your lusting after me and Mom was just the perversions of a horny teenager. But the way you acted tonight, the love I saw in your eyes and felt in every touch of our skin, I knew that you loved me too. You have nothing to apologize for, Henry my love, for while it might not have been they way I’d have wanted it to happen, tonight will always hold a special place in my heart as the night that you showed me how much you loved me.” Pulling my face down to hers, Rhe’s and my lips met in a gentle loving kiss. “I love you with all of my heart, Henry, and I never want to stop.”


I was blown away by the look of truest love that came from my sister’s face as she said this. I knew that I had to say something, but as to what, I had no clue. My mouth moved mechanically up and down as I tried to find the words. After a moment that felt like forever, I simply told her the truth. “I want to say something to that, more than just ‘I love you, too’. But there are no words that I can string together to show you the depth of my love, gratitude, and understanding of your words.”

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