A guy orchestrates a break-in to fuck his mom and sister

Her eyes seemed to search my face before she gave me a small smile and kissed my cheek. “Those words are perfectly enough, my dearest brother.” Kissing my lips gently and quickly once again, she turned my head to Mom and whispered in my ear. “She may be the town’s biggest slut, but she still needs to feel your love.”

Looking over my mother, I saw that she’d been crying while I talked with my sister. “Why are you crying, Mom?” I asked as I gently wiped her tear-streaked cheeks.


“I’ve been lusting after you for so long, wishing that you would make me the slut I crave to be, that I forgot how tender you could be and that that was one of the first things that made me fall for you. I may be what you sister said, but she’s also right in saying that I still need and want to feel loved. Not just as your mother, or your Mommy-Slut, but as your woman. But I can’t ask you to love me like you do your sister, my own daughter. As a mother, I can’t steal my baby’s happiness for my own. Two out of three ain’t bad, right?” she asked, quoting Meatloaf, as a new set of tears fell from her sparkling eyes.

“Shh, shh, Mom. Don’t cry,” I cooed as I wiped the tears away. “You won’t be stealing the love I have for Rhe by asking me to love you as my woman. Because I do love you as my woman; you’re sexy, funny, smart, kind, and so much more. The fact that you’re my mom, and by extension the best mom in the world, is just another layer of icing on the twenty-tier cake that is all the reasons that I love you; and that’s before we add in the hottest sex and wickedest tongue.” Leaning down, I kissed her on the mouth in a passionate but chaste kiss. “Just say the words, Elizabeth,” I continued, using Mom’s name to make a point and causing her to gasp in surprise as she looked me in the eye, “and I’ll love you any way you wish.”

Smiling as new tears threatened to fall from her eyes, she said, “Thank you Henry, for meeting and surpassing all my needs and expectations.” Reaching up her hand to caress my cheek like her daughter had done a few minutes prior, Mom pulled me down into a sensual kiss where I could feel her trying to give me every ounce of love that she possessed.

As the kiss ended, I pulled myself off the ground before offering to do the same for them. Ushering us to the stairs I said, “Time for bed. We’ll talk and fuck some more in the morning.” And with that we made our way to the master bedroom’s king size bed, snuggling ourselves back down to sleep with me in the middle, Rhe on my right and Mom on my left.

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