A guy orchestrates a break-in to fuck his mom and sister

“Honestly, I think he spent all his energy focusing on not staring that I don’t think he took full advantage of our display,” Mom replied. Seeing the confusion on Rheta’s face at this comment, Mom elaborated, “Since you were so busy trying to catch his dick growing-”

“I was merely making sure that your ridiculous plan actually worked, which it didn’t by the way,” interrupted my sister.


The smile Mom gave to this was both ‘gotchya’ and amused pity. “Like I said, your brother was too busy trying not to get an erection, staring into nothing, for him to choose which of us he found hotter. Although, even if he did pay attention to us, I’m not sure he’d be able to decide.” If that wasn’t the truth, I don’t know what was. Hearing this was making me just as hard as seeing them earlier had, and I had half a mind to go out there show them what they did to me. I probably would have had I been 1,000,000,000% sure that they’d join me in being exposed and down to fuck.

But, alas, I couldn’t cross that line.

We were at this cottage for another two weeks, in which the sexual tension only got worse. It was torture as the two of them continued wearing matching clothes just in different colours. One day black and white, the next silver and gold. The worst was the day the cottagers on the lake all got on their boats, adorned with Christmas lights and putted down the lake as they all celebrated Christmas in July; Mom and Rheta had matching striped red and green bikinis with white snowflakes where their nipples would be, as well as the centre of the crotch on the bottoms (these were also yin-yang-ed so that where Mom’s had a green stripe, Rhe’s would have a red one and vise versa). I nearly came in my shorts when I saw that these suits’ bottoms didn’t cover their full asses, leaving about a quarter of each cheek exposed to my bulging eyes.

How I made it through those two weeks without jumping either of them I’ll never truly know. It was even harder after hearing them (on separate occasions) masturbating to thoughts of me, as I went to dispose of proof of my own jerk-off sessions. Rheta was louder than Mom, but the things that came from Mom’s mouth in hushed tones would have me raging hard again even after I’d already come twice in the past hour.

The teasing slowed down once we returned home and the routine of life set upon us once again. Every now and again, I’d sneak into one of their rooms when I was alone in the house and steal a pair of their panties from their laundry. This was also when I took the time to read the labels on their bras. In my most daring hours, I’d jerk off into the cups of their bras (clean white ones so I wouldn’t get caught) then put them back in their drawers.

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