A husband discovers his wife’s secret affair

I’m startled and come to full attention when I hear the sliding glass door open.

“Wait! Erin! Don’t go out there. Steve is laying out, trying to get a start on his tan,” Alex cries out.


Erin? I didn’t know she was coming over today. Erin is one of Alex’s friends and colleagues. She lives nearby, and so they often spend time together either at her house or ours. She’s in her late twenties and damn good-looking. When I usually see her, she’s wearing a tight t-shirt and jeans. I’ll admit to getting aroused by just looking at her, but I’ve never acted on those feelings. Aroused…shit! My cock swells, thinking about Erin, braless, in one of her tight t-shirts.

About fifteen years ago, Alex and I met a couple while on vacation. They introduced us to wife-swapping. Since then, we’ve met other couples and even gone to a few parties where there were orgies. After that, our marriage became open, and we often fucked others, but always with prior permission and full disclosure afterward. I didn’t know if Alex would mind that I made a move on Erin, but being her best friend and co-worker, I always felt that I should shy away from my attraction to her.

The screen door opens, and I shut my eyes to pretend I’m asleep. I’ve never been naked in front of Erin before, so I’m hoping that if she thinks I’m sleeping, she won’t be as embarrassed as if I was awake.

“I’m sure he won’t mind,” Erin says. “It’s such a beautiful day; we should do our work outside.” Without stopping, Erin steps out onto the back deck and shuts the screen door.

“But Steve is…”

“OH! Fuck! Sorry.”

My cock twitches and begins to swell as I think about Erin standing there looking at me. I don’t want her to know I’m awake, so I think about baseball. Yeah…that should do it, baseball. Last year, the local minor league team won the championship, and we’re looking forward to going to a few games this summer. Baseball…think about baseball. The image of Erin’s nipples pushing through a tight t-shirt reenters my mind. Shit. The screen door opens and closes, and I imagine Erin retreating back into the living room. Instead, I hear Alex’s voice, and she’s outside with Erin.

“Sorry, Erin. I tried to warn you,” Alex says in a quiet voice.

“Shit, Alex. You’ve told me about Steve’s nice cock before, but I never imagined it was that nice. You’re one lucky woman.”

“Luck has nothing to do with it. You know me…I love a nice cock,” Alex snickers. “We should probably go back inside before he wakes up.”

“Well…I’ve seen him now. There’s no harm in just staying out here, is there?”

“He doesn’t know you’ve seen him. What are you going to do if he wakes up while you’re out here?”

“C’mon, Alex. Tell you what…why don’t you drop your robe, and I’ll take my top off. Then we can get some sun too. If he wakes up, maybe he won’t be as embarrassed if we’re showing skin too.”

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