A husband discovers his wife’s secret affair

“Embarrassed? Steve? Hah…he won’t be embarrassed. Hell, he doesn’t mind people seeing him naked. I was thinking of you. You really want to get naked in front of my husband?”

“Not naked. Just my top. You know how horny I get being outside with my tits exposed. Besides, didn’t you say you wanted to have some fun after we finished our lesson plans?”


“Well, yeah. But not in front of Steve. He doesn’t know.”

Fun? They’re planning on having fun together? With their tops off? What don’t I know? What’ve I been missing here? My cock twitches again.

“Look! He’s getting hard. Think he’s awake and can hear us?” Erin asks.

“Nah. I think if he were awake, he would’ve gotten up and taken your top off for you. You’ve seen how he stares at your boobs. He’s probably just dreaming about the sex we had this morning. That Cialis works like a charm.”

“Hmmm…morning sex. I can’t remember the last time I’ve had morning sex.”

Erin is still single, and while I don’t follow her love life, Alex tells me enough to know that Erin loves fucking and sucking cock.

“Damn. Look at how hard he is,” Alex says. “I wonder what he’d do if he woke up to me riding his cock–”

“You riding his cock? I wonder what he’d do if he woke up to me sucking his cock,” Erin interrupts.

That does it. My balls pulse, and some precum leaks from my aching cock. I want to stroke it, but I don’t dare move. It twitches again.

“You want to suck Steve’s cock?” Alex asks.

“Want to? You don’t know how bad. You’ve told me how you guys have an open marriage and have even swapped partners before, so surely you wouldn’t deny me. Would you?”

I barely open my eyes because I don’t want them to know I’m awake, but I’m dying to see them. Erin already has her shirt off, and her firm breasts glisten in the afternoon sun. She’s wearing short, tight cut-offs. Her butt cheeks are exposed below the frayed hem, and the back seam rides up her crack. If she would just spread her legs a little, I’d be able to tell if she was wearing panties. Instead, I picture myself kissing and licking her pussy.

Alex slips her robe off and is completely naked in front of Erin. They lean into each other and kiss.

“Kiss? Holy shit! Is this what I’ve been missing?” the voice in my head screams. “What the fuck?” My cock pulses, and more precum escapes. I want to open my eyes and stroke my cock while watching them, but I don’t want to spoil the moment.

Erin’s hand slides down Alex’s stomach and fingers her pussy as they make out. Shit! I think I’m going to come. Precum continues to drip down my shaft, and I’m dying to stroke it. Alex moans and breaks the kiss. She leans down and sucks Erin’s nipple into her mouth and sucks on her tit while flicking Erin’s nipple with her tongue.

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