Betrayed Husbands Anonymous

“That I could live with. One way it might happen is to hang out at a free clinic and offer some pretty young thing a wad of cash to payback what her cheating boy friend did to her. Who’s she going to tell and what would she say?”

“Exactly.” Chuck looked like he was going to add his usual, disclaimer, but he let it go. “I have been informed that you are a guy who can put a plan together. If you come and work for Perfect, you will have resources to help you. If you are asked to do something you are not comfortable with, decline. I will be your boss; I guarantee I will support you.”


“How much time can I devote to my new business?”

“At first, for the first three months, 10 hours a week plus anything over 40. Then, a quarter of 20 hours, then 30. I can’t predict, nor can you how successful your new endeavor will be. You may want to break away from Perfect or stay in some sort of profit-sharing arrangement. You and I will work that out.”

“So you will own some part of my business?” I didn’t like that.

“No. Unless, you want to remain a part of Perfect Planning. If you do, we will work something out. If we can’t, you can go your separate way.”

“Why would I stay?”

“Two reasons. First, you might enjoy helping guys like yourself, who have been betrayed but have no way to exact revenge. Second, Perfect provide a wide range of client services. You might prefer doing that work.”

“Several possibilities, I like that.”

“Oh, I almost forgot. I have another story for you.” Chuck sat forward; it was clear he liked the story he was about to tell. “You may remember hearing about a guy who found his brother fucking his wife. He lost his wife, his children were being turned against him, and his father sided with the brother. The poor guy just wanted his dad to see he’d been wronged.”

“Sure, I remember.”

“There little business is pretty nice. Worth about 5 to 6 million. Dad got an offer of $11 million, providing the business stood up to a private audit. Of course, he greedily agreed. The auditor said the business was too risky and pointed out nearly $500,000 in embezzled funds.”

“Let me guess — the brother.”

“Yes, and he’d used the money to do things like seduce our member’s wife, and 6 or 7 others. He also was hiding gambling debts. His father was furious. The brother had sworn he didn’t do any of those things. Dad now knew him to be a liar and a thief. Both are traits he will not abide.”

“Our guy must have been happy with that.”

Chuck shook his head, “I’ll be honest with you, I don’t like the ending here, but our member does, so that is more important. The audit showed our guy was the big reason the company was successful, and his big brother was not only limiting the success, by stealing from his family, but blaming things on our guy. The father fired and disowned his former, favorite son and begged forgiveness of the other.”

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