Betrayed Husbands Anonymous

“I am now trying to build a business struggling against my own family. My brother is sabotaging me for his own entertainment. My former wife and brother are going to marry. My children are being turned against me.”

Mike stopped talking and took a sip from a water bottle. Then, resumed, “What I wish is my father could be persuaded to listen to what is really happening. I wish he could force himself to see my brother’s treachery, bleeding his business.


“I thank you all for listening.”

The whole thing was less than five minutes. As soon as he seated himself, the room was abuzz with people talking in pairs. In my case, Bob talked to me.

“What did you hear, if I might ask?”

“Mike mentioned no names. He spoke of a business, but nothing that would tell me what the business was. He was totally vague.”

“Good. At least partially good.” Bob was looking at me, thinking about his next statement. “Did Mike ask for anything?”

It hit me. “No. He asked for nothing. He did say he wished his father would listen and would find out what is going on.”

“Would you call his wish vague?”

“No, it was quite specific.”

“Do you think it called for any violence or illegal activity?”

I just smiled. An answer was not called for. I decided to offer, “It was also a wish, not a request. Mike has asked no one for anything.”

“There is a meeting in two weeks and another in a month. Could you be ready to present at one of those?”

I thought about the PI and his report. I would get that in a week. Depending on what it contained, I’d need to figure out what I should wish for. “Bob, it would be safer to ask for a month. What if I am not ready in that month?”

“You merely go to the meeting and report when you will be ready to present.”

“So, I show up here in a month?”

Bob smiled. “Hardly.” He gave me the location and time of the next meeting and his card. I was currently about 80 miles east of my home. The next meeting was in a little town about 50 miles northwest. The meeting was in a diner at 2:00pm. I’ll bet we will be the only ones in the place. Our last piece of business was Bob handing me his card. “Introduce yourself as Bob.”

I was driving home trying to figure this all out. It was easy, then it was impossible. Someone of us paired up people at different points of this process. Meetings were held everywhere, apparently. All of us were sent to different cities and used false first names, no one knew anybody, not even where they lived. So, we could all come up with our idea of revenge and tell the group. But what then?

I can do what Bob or Bill did; undoubtedly, I will. But they tell me I’m not going to be asked to do something illegal, so I won’t be asked to maim anyone. It seemed today’s request involved looking at the books of some mystery company. Not illegal, but I couldn’t look at them or know what I saw if I did. There was a big piece missing.

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