Dad helps daughter with photos for her boyfriend

Dad helps daughter with photos for her boyfriend.. The changes had been gradual and I guess since I wasn’t around a lot I just hadn’t noticed how drastic they had been. I had spent the last several years on the road doing contract assignments for a variety of major corporations throughout the US and Europe. The money had been good, that’s why I took the assignments. It allowed me to provide my wife and daughter with the lifestyle I they wanted and deserved. Plus I wasn’t gone all the time, sometimes I could do some of the work from my office at home and I did get home for special occasions and about 1 week out of every couple of months.

Brandy had a new car every year and the finest clothes a nice house and money to spend. Erin had the best education I could provide, dance lessons and she had the chance to travel, something many kids her age would’ve loved to do. But I wasn’t there when Erin began to make the change from little girl to young lady, and I didn’t realize what had happened until that one Christmas.


I had just finished a big assignment in Europe and at Thanksgiving I had my wife and daughter join me in Europe for two weeks before heading back home. I had decided to spend the next three months doing nothing on the work front. Just enjoying some quiet time and getting to know my wife and daughter once more.

When we got home Erin had to go back to school for three weeks before the Holiday break, and Brandy was going to go back to work, she didn’t have to but she enjoyed working and she said it kept her young and active. After about a week I had gone to the kitchen for a cup of coffee one morning while Brandy was in the shower. As I came back through the den I saw a movement in the hall and noticed Erin as she went down the hall wrapped only in a towel that didn’t quite cover the cheeks of her cute little bottom. I caught myself watching and as she stepped through her bedroom door she let the towel fall from around her, giving me a quick peek at her naked form.

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She wasn’t a little girl anymore. I could tell that even though I was a good twenty or thirty feet from her bedroom door. I wasn’t sure how to handle the situation, I mean should I say something to her about being more careful since I was home, but that might embarrass her. Or should I just not say anything hoping she’d adjust to having me there and watching her self a little more carefully. I decided to wait and see if it happened again before reminding her I was home and she needed to be more careful of her dress, or undressing habits.

Christmas was now only about two-weeks away. I had done some of my shopping while in Europe and I had managed to finish the rest or it during the past week or so. One afternoon just before Erin was due home from school Brandy called and asked if I’d mind if she was late getting home. She needed to wrap up some of her shopping and since I was there anyway, and she hated to leave Erin alone, but some of the shopping was for her… “No, I don’t mind. I’ll see she gets her homework and maybe we’ll order a pizza, I said. “You go ahead and do what you need, we’ll save you a slice of Pizza.”

Erin came bouncing into the house about an hour later. I told her what her mother had said and she just smiled and said “OK dad, I’ll go do my homework and then we can talk or play a game or maybe you can help with something for my boyfriend.”

“Boyfriend, when did this happen,” I asked.

Oh Daddy,” she whined, “I’m a senior now, momma said it was okay and she doesn’t let me just go anywhere with him.”

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“OK, I guess we can talk more about this later, go ahead and do your homework.”

Erin gave me a kiss on the cheek and I realized just how much she had really grown as I felt her body crush against my forearm.

About an hour-and-a-half later Erin came bouncing out of her room dressed in a pair of gym shorts over a pair of tights and a tight fitting bare midriff top with nothing under it. And when I say bouncing that is what I mean. As she came down the hall her breasts were swaying and straining against the material of the top, threatening to pop free at every quick movement.

Brandy was a great looking 36 at the time. With long Auburn hair she weighed about 105 and stood 5’2″ with a small waist, and gravity defying 35C boobs topped by hard, small areolas barely larger around then the nipples themselves. Her nipples were about 1/2″ long when they weren’t hard, when they were they jumped out to more than 1″ in length. They were a beautiful light rosy-pink color, just dark enough you could tell from a distance where the flesh of her tit ended and the areola began.

Even though I had never really seen Erin nude, not since she was about 6 anyways, it was obvious that she had taken more from me. Her hair was darker with a slight red-tinge and her skin was darker than her mother’s complexion. From the fit of the top and the thin material it was made from I could easily tell that her breasts were already nearly as large as her mothers, but the nipples and areolas were obviously darker and of a different shape than Brandy’s. Through the material of the top I could make out the outline of both her areola and nipples, there was no doubt about the puffy contour beneath her shirt. Erin’s time in dance had shaped her legs and ass very nicely, making her ass cheeks stand up high, hard and round -squeezably round and hard.

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Erin finally made it to the sofa where I was sitting and plopped down on the cushion beside me. My cock was already semi-hard from watching her approach up the hall and across the room to where I sat, and I was hoping she wouldn’t notice it while I paid attention to the television in hopes that would take my mind away from her cute tits. Believe me, daughter or no daughter they were cute.

She slowly settled in and cuddled into my side. I put my arm up around her shoulder and asked what she wanted for supper. We agreed upon a pizza and I called in the order. As I finished the order she turned a little on the couch to face me and got a real serious look on her face.

Daddy.” she said plaintively.

“Yes, sweetie.” I responded.

“Can I ask you a favor?”

“Yeah, I guess so.”

“No Daddy, I mean can I ask you a real favor, one you can’t ever tell momma about.”

This sounded serious, very serious, and I wasn’t sure how to handle the situation. “What’s so important we can’t tell momma about?” I finally asked her.

She looked up and leaned towards me on the sofa cushion, “Daddy it’s a personal secret and I just don’t think momma would understand.”

“Sweetheart you and your mother have always been close. What makes you think you can ask or tell me something and not tell your mother. You two have spent most of the last eight or nine years together while I’ve been away working. She’s always let you have or do almost anything you wanted. Why don’t you want her to know about this favor?”

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