Daddy fucks me to teach me a lesson

Daddy fucks me to teach me a lesson, “And where the hell do you think you are going young lady?” Asked daddy as I headed to the front door.” No daughter of mine goes out on a Friday night dressed like a Puerto Rican whore!”

“Well excuse my ignorance daddy, if I don’t know what a Puerto Rican whore dresses like. I will have to defer to your expertise on that one.”


“Are you getting smart with me girl?”

It was not the first time that daddy and I had had such exchanges. Especially now that I had got into the while goth thing.

I had gotten tattoos on my chest, which daddy was not happy about, and now my attire for the weekend consisted of a black bra-I liked to show off my new tattoos-black skirt and complete with dark mascara and black lipstick. Yeah I probably did look like a prostitute when I came to think about it. And I did like the looks from all the guys, along with their whistles and their tongues hanging out of their mouths when they set eyes on my scantily clad form. I liked it, and I wasn’t about to let daddy put a stop to it. I actually had an idea on how to handle this. I would put a stop to his mouthing off at me once and for all.

I walked towards daddy, his face red with anger as I brought my lithe and black clad body right up to him.

“Daddy, I bet that the real reason that you don’t want me dressing like this is because it must be so difficult for you living me when I’m the only woman you have in in your life. The only time you see womanly curves up close, smell that perfume and taste it in your mouth is when you see me about to go out on a weekend. And you’d like to feel me as well wouldn’t you daddy? Feel the flesh of a real woman-your own little girl.”

“Jenny, what, what are you doing…I…”

And then I could feel it, that growing bulge of desire between his legs. Mission accomplished. I drew away from him.

“What a filthy pervert you are daddy, getting hard to your own daughter. What kind of sick fuck are you? Well now I know the real reason you don’t want me going out like this. Your own daughter gives you a hard on. Let me tell you something daddy. I will dress as a goth because it is an expression of my individuality and you will not stop me from being who I am in this world daddy. You really must be so humiliated right huh?”

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A glanced down again at the bulge between his legs, smirked and turned my back. It was time to go out and party.

But just as my hand reached for the front door, I heard the thud of quick footsteps, flowed by arms reaching around me. I was pulled right back as rough kisses assailed my neck and hands squeezed hard on my breasts.

“Oww daddy what…what the…what the hell are you doing daddy?”

“You fucking cock-teasing little slut, you want to get my dick hard? You to want put your body up against mine and make daddy’s cock throb? Is that you want you want to do you filthy slut? Dress like whore, talk like a whore, walk like a whore and make my big dick burst through my pants-is that what you want?”

He continued to attack my neck with kisses, kneading and squeezing my breasts as I took hold of his rough hands, trying to pull them away, trying to squirm out of his grasp. But it was of no use, he had me pulled tight against him, so tight I could feel his hardness pressed right into my ass-crack through my skirt.

“Daddy”, I said, “I was just teasing, I didn’t…I didn’t mean any of it, I…oooh daddy.”

He snapped my bra off, spun me around, pushed me right up against the wall and clamped his mouth onto my nipple, drawing my pink bud right against his teeth and making me yelp.

“Ow daddy! Daddy I’m your daughter, you shouldn’t…oooh!”

A father sucking his own daughters tits. It was obscene and disgusting. It was the violation of everything decent in this word for a father to be feasting on the sex flesh of his own little girl, and yet…Oh he sucked so rough. He had taken me by force, indifferent to my objections or my needs. He wanted me and had grabbed me-like no other man had ever done. If I had known that daddy was this manly I would have…Just where were my thoughts taking me? Oooooh that suck on my nipple- his mouth was firing incestuous erotic heat into my tits and throughout my body. But I had to fight it -this was just so wrong. I tried to push his head away.

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“Daddy please, this…you’re my FATHER!”

He drew off my now elongated nipple at my words and grabbed my wrists, pulling my arms up and pinning me to the wall, his face right in mine, his groin pushing hard between my legs.

“Tell me you don’t want to fuck your own daddy right here and now you little slut.”

“Daddy I…this is wrong, I…”

“I didn’t ask if it’s wrong you little slut. I asked if right here, right now, that eighteen year old cunt of yours is wet.”

And it was, I could feel that dampness in my panties. Oh goddam you traitorous pussy! I was not into incest, incest was disgusting, I had just been teasing with daddy!

“I…I…” I didn’t know what to say.

“I think I’ll take that as an affirmative”, said daddy. “Can you feel me little girl? Can you feel how hard you’ve made my cock?” He pushed himself into me even harder, his shaft now pressing right against the cleft of my cunt under my skirt and though my panties. “You want to get fucked rough? You want daddy to fuck you good and hard? You want daddy to ram his big fatherly cock right up your young cunt? I’ll give it to you good and hard Jenny.”

His debauched words, his hot breath in my face, his hard body against mine, the throb of desire between his legs; all of it was melting away my resistance. I was trying to pretend I did not want this, but I could pretend no longer-I wanted my own daddy to fuck me. God help me, I wanted the cock of my own father inside me.

“Ok give it to me daddy. You want to fuck? You want to fuck your own little girl? You want to stick that big throbber inside me you dirty bastard?”

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He responded with his mouth clamping onto mine, sucking me into him as if he wanted to suck my whole body right inside him, attacking the insides of my mouth with his tongue; lashing at my gums, my teeth, circling my tongue, trying to force himself all the way down my throat.

“Now you’re going to get fucked you little slut”, he said pulling off me. His face was contorted into an animal snarl of pure desire, spittle flying from out between his teeth and into my face. I knew what I wanted.

“Lick my cunt daddy. You want my cunt? Get down and stick it right up your daughter’s crack you filthy fuck.”

He dropped to his knees, hauled my panties right down to my ankles and dove right in. His bestial snarls disappearing up my fuck-hole as he penetrated me with his tongue.

“Oh god, oh yes daddy, oh that feels so good.” His wet tongue lapped at my cunt. He was like a ravenous dog eating me alive, satiating his lust on the lewd meal of my pink, shaven incestuous cunt. “Lick it rough daddy, oh yeah lick it good, you really know how to lick pussy daddy, oh yes you like it don’t you? Daughter cunt is the best isn’t it daddy-mmmm.”

He pulled out and stood up, unzipping his trousers.

“Get down on your knees.” he commanded, a command I was more that happy to obey. “You want to dress like a slut? Dress like it’s Halloween all the time? You want to tease your daddy? Well little sluts who cock-tease and get their daddy’s cocks hard get fucking treated like sluts.”

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