My first time with mom

Incest stories, My first time with mom, The summer after I turned 18, I began to see my Mother in a new light, a sexual light. The girls my age just couldn’t compare to this sexy goddess…I guess which is why I was still a virgin. Eighteen year old girls didn’t seem sexy to me, just immature and giggly.

Mom was quite attractive with a very athletic body. She was toned and wore a 34C bra, which I learned from searching through her hamper to inspect bras and panties. I looked more closely at her when she was in her nighty, gazing upon her breasts in the sheer material and seeing her nipples poking through as if trying to escape.


Mom began to ask me to wash her back when she was taking a bath. Being 18 years old and with raging hormones, I could not control my cock. It seemed to get hard when the wind blew, let alone sneaking peeks at Mom’s nudity. I would wash her back while managing to stare at her beautiful breasts, and lust at the vision of her hairy bush under the water, shielded occasionally by bubbles. I almost came in my pants many times while “innocently” washing her back. When I finished, I always retreated to my room to jerk off at the images ingrained in my mind. I fantasized about ramming my cock into that delicious pussy and sucking on those perfect breasts. I imagined parting her legs and running my tongue into her bush to discover and uncover those sweet, pink, moist lips hidden beneath all that fur.

After I graduated high school, 2 months shy of my 19th birthday, Mom and I went to visit my Grandparents out of state. It was a 600 mile drive, and took about 11-12 hours. We shared the driving, but were both exhausted as we arrived for a late dinner. We talked to Grandma and Grandpa, each of us catching up on what was going on in all of our lives, my Aunts, Uncles and Cousins.

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After dinner, Mom said we were tired from the drive and would turn in early. We unpacked and discovered we would be sharing a single queen sized bed in the spare room. No big deal for Mom it seemed, but I got a hard on at the thought of sharing a bed with her.

Mom then took a bath, and again asked me to wash her back. I was hard to the point of exploding looking at her breasts and the mound of pubic hair under the water. When she was done, she asked if I wanted her water. Feeling grungy from the trip, I said yeah I could use a bath too. As she was toweling off I nervously began to undress, afraid because I had a raging hard on. I wanted it to go down, but at the same time I was watching her naked body, dripping wet, as she dried off. I almost came watching her towel off her beautiful sexy breasts, pussy and ass. I was embarrassed looking at her in case she noticed, but when I looked up I could see she was staring at my cock.

I got in the tub and lay down while Mom put on her nighty. The nighty was sheer enough, and her body damp enough that it clung to her body. I could see her breasts, nipples and black fur between her legs as if she was completely naked. There was no chance that my hard cock would subside any time soon.

Then Mom told me to sit up and she’d wash my back too. I sat up while she grabbed the soap and began to lather. I was terrified because almost half my hard cock was sticking out of the water. Mom lathered up her hands and began washing my back, while I just knew she was staring at my cock. When she finished, she rinsed my back, gave me the soap, and gently grasped my hard cock in her hand. She said “you might want to take care of this before you come to bed.” She then left to get into bed.

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I lay back down and began to jerk off. Imagining what had just happened, and what I hoped would happen later, I furiously jerked my cock until I exploded. I pumped what felt, and looked like quarts of cum all over my stomach and chest. A vision of Mom riding my cock was running through my mind. I could almost feel myself coming inside her. I cleaned myself off in the tub, then got out and dried off.

I put on sleeping shorts, went to the room, and climbed into bed with her. She cuddled against me, said she hoped I enjoyed myself, and then kissed me goodnight. I just lay there with my cock hard again, and with all kinds of sexy thoughts going through my head. I just couldn’t sleep.

Mom eventually began breathing softly through her mouth, indicating to me that she had fallen asleep. I still couldn’t sleep and gently moved my hand to her breast, just barely touching her for fear of waking her up. I eased the weight of my hand onto her breast, slowly cupping her and gently sliding my fingers all around her nipple. I could feel her nipple harden, and I kept slowly and gently circling her nipple with my fingertips.

I was so hard it almost hurt. The fact that it was my Mother, the sexiest woman I had ever known, just made my sexual being feel completely fulfilled in some perverse way. I was not satisfied though. I slowly and gently moved my hand between her legs, lightly resting my hand on her hairy bush. Even with her sheer nighty being in the way, I could feel heat from her pussy. When there was no movement on her part, I began slowly massaging her, ever so lightly and slowly rubbing my finger up and down her lips. She began to stir, her legs slightly opened up and a subtle moan escaped her lips.

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I then slid my hand down until I felt the hem of her nighty. I slid my hand under it and began sliding back up to her bare pussy. I felt her fluffy hair and thought OMG, OMG, I’m there. I slowly, painfully slowly, slid the tip of my middle finger through her hair until I touched between her lips. They were soft, slightly open, and wet. I started to gently slide my finger up and down her moist slit, even penetrating just a little.

All of a sudden Mom reached her hand down to scratch her crotch. I took my hand away, terrified that I had been caught. But she was still asleep. My heart was racing and I was too afraid to try that again. I needed to cum so bad that I eased my shorts down and began to jerk off, very slowly and methodically, so as not to shake the bed and possibly wake her up. I came in about a minute with ecstatic knowledge that I had just rubbed Mom’s pussy.

After that night I began to jerk off multiple times a day, with visions of Mom and me in various sexual scenarios. She was my one and only fantasy now. I envisioned her beautiful breasts, glorious ass, and that sweet, wet pussy protected by that thick mound of fur. Every time I jerked off, every fantasy I had was of my Mom. She was a goddess in my mind, the most sexual woman in the world.

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