Helping Mom around the house gets sensual

“You do know you have to wash me in other places than that?”

I just sighed “I know, sorry. This just feels weird.”


Mom just started to chuckle a little bit before she spoke again.

“It’s okay, you don’t have to be bashful. It’s only skin and it’s alright if you touch me, I’m not gonna bite. I’m your Mama and its perfectly normal to help me out even if it means touching my butt or looking at my boobs.” she said giggling.

Mom continued, “Weren’t you the one that was making jokes about how you used to suck on my boobs?”

That broke the tension between us and we both began to laugh. I started to move the sponge to different areas as Mom coached me where she needed scrubbing next. After completing all the basic areas, there were only two spots left to go. THE two spots! Mom knew I would have trouble as I reached for her chest from behind her.

Mom commanded “Aw just go for it, you can scrub my tits too it’s no big deal, you’ve already seen those.”

I reluctantly smashed the soapy sponge into one of them and started a clumsy scrubbing motion.

“Whoa baby, you gotta be gentle with those, a little softer please.” Mom warned.

Now I stared to move my hand in small circular motion barely touching them at all. Mom was getting annoyed at this point. She spun around facing me and put her good hand over mine.

“Here, like this.” she said softly,

There was no doubt that this was how she wanted me to touch her. Mom moved my hands in a gentle but firm scrubbing motion. Not too slow and not too fast, it almost seemed erotic. She repeated the same on her other, now stiffer breast, and turned to rinse. I had to admit, I haven’t so much as touched another female in years and I was a little turned on by the physical contact, but she was still my mother and had to push this deep down.

Mom cocked her head back towards me and smiled. “Just one spot left.” she sang.

After just cleansing my Mom’s chest, I was a little less hesitant to scrub her vaginal area. I loaded more girl soap on the sponge as Mom took a stance with her feet apart. I took a deep breath and once again started cramming the sponge down there briefly. Mom let out the same annoyed sigh.

“Sorry, I get it now, I’ll try again.” I said.

“Good Lord boy, how did you ever get to third base?” Mom asked sarcastically.

This time I placed the soapy mass squarely in the center of her lower half and began to rub it firmly back and forth. I think I was doing it a little too well as Mom’s head fell back and her eyes were closed. Was she enjoying this? I guess I couldn’t blame her, it must have felt wonderful having someone else caress all of your private parts with warm soapy water. I was a little freaked out at first but decided to run with it. I repeated the motion a little bit longer and I could tell she wanted to let out some type of moan. What was happening? Were we trying to turn each other on? That’s when I decided to stop and Mom began to rinse herself off.

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