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Beth’s New Ink, Hot wife gets a new tattoo, sex stories, Following the birth of our second child, my wife Beth was looking to regain some of the sexual excitement that existed before her pregnancy. She had always been a very sexual person, often being a willing participant in my wild fantasies. Beth had mentioned she always wanted to get a small tattoo – kind of her adulthood rebellion – so to celebrate the occasion of our real first date since parenthood, I purchased a gift certificate for a local tattoo parlour. When I did, I had explained to Tim, the artist who had done a great job on mine, exactly what my intentions were. I told Tim, who I always thought was a pretty good looking guy, that whatever happened with Beth when she came in was fair game. I would be there to videotape the occasion, but whatever happened, happened.

Beth set the date for her appointment with the parlour and thought about what and where she was going to get the tattoo. She decided that she wanted something that could be hidden when she needed to, but something both of us could enjoy. I suggested she get it just above her cunt, which I reasoned could be easily hidden by her bikini and in full view when I was eating her out. Beth was a little apprehensive at first, so I helped encourage her with a quick cunt licking. She loves having her pussy chewed on and whenever I want something, it’s usually the best way to convince her to see things my way.


Her intention was to get a small flaming heart to symbolize her love and passion for me. When the day finally arrived, Beth asked me what she should wear. I told her that her best option was to wear one of her short skirts without any panties. This would allow her to simply hike up the hem while the tattoo artist worked away. At first she thought I was joking, but when I demonstrated how things would work – that if she wore pants she would have to remove them completely, leaving her feeling very naked – a skirt was the best option. I also told her that chances were very real I would be so turned on by the event that I would have to eat her out in the car before we got home.

I helped Beth prepare for the event by shaving her pussy clean. This was the first time she had ever taken her pubic hair right off so this in itself was a real tease for her. We went into our bathroom and she got into the tub, filled it with hot water and spread her legs for me. I began by trimming the hair down as short as I could with scissors before I switched to a razor. I took my time around her lips, occasional brushing against them. This was driving her crazy. By the time I was done, she was dripping with her own juices and her cunt was swollen with excitement. Beth begged me for a quickie before we had to leave for the salon, but time was against us. I finished my job and towel dried the area. I told her to wait before putting on her clothes and grabbed my camera. I snapped a couple of quick pictures for my private photo album before we left.

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We arrived at the parlour a little early so Beth could get a good look around. Even though she knew I had one done there, Beth wanted to make sure everything was sanitary. I introduced her to Tim and I could see she was taken with his looks. My plan was coming together nicely. Tim showed Beth to the private salon where he would do the work. It was a room away from the reception area to guarantee privacy. It was pretty basic: a table containing the necessary supplies for tattoos and piercing, a stool for the artist and the chair for the subject.

Tim patted the chair as if to encourage Beth to hop on so he could begin. Beth eased herself into the chair. It resembled something out of the dentist’s office, but with leg holds that swung out sideways to allow the tattooist easier access to his subjects. It was a little ominous looking, with ankle and wrist straps. Tim casually explained that they were there for people who enjoyed a little rough treatment during some of the procedures. Tim briefly described how the procedure worked and asked if she had any questions before he began. Beth lifted her butt up off the leather chair so she could pull up her skirt to expose the area where Tim would leave his permanent mark. With the exception of the medical staff during her pregnancy, this was the first time since Beth and I had been together that her cunt had been exposed to another man. I could see from the look on her face that she was a little nervous. It was one thing to be spread eagle during delivery, but this moment was a lot more sexual in nature – after all, a doctor is a medical professional that is used to certain anatomy and a tattooist is, well, an artist. I’m sure she was still a little turned on from my shaving job. Tim paused briefly – obviously taking in the view before him. Beth had what I call a ‘Penthouse Pussy’ – the kind of cunt that should be shown off, or at least photographed. Her lips were delicate and slightly pink…very inviting. They were long and soft to the touch. Her clit was in perfect alignment, covered by a fleshy hood, creating a very welcoming sight. I often complimented her on how it looked and explained that was why I loved to bury my face between her legs as often as possible.

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Tim traced the design we had given him on her exposed flesh. Beth tensed slightly at the feeling of his hand and pen so close to her slit. He picked up his ink gun and offered her one last chance to change her mind. Beth said she was fine and told him to go ahead. I zoomed in with the video camera to get a close-up view of the whole process. As he traced around the outside of the tattoo, I could see that he had to rest his hand on the very edge of Beth’s clit. On occasion, his palm would just lightly brush over it and then move away. I knew that this delicate touching would be driving Beth crazy. Through the lens I could see her cunt was beginning to swell ever so slightly and she was slowly trying to improve the angle of her hips so that Tim’s hand was directly over her clit. Tim could sense what Beth was trying to do and looked back over his shoulder at me. I winked discreetly at him as if to say “Have fun”.

He took his time to trace the outline, stopping frequently to wipe away the excess ink. When he did this, he made sure that he wiped downward so that his hand would wipe the cool alcohol across Beth’s exposed clit. When Tim had finished outlining the design, he asked Beth if she wanted to have a quick look while he refilled his ink well. Beth looked down at her “Flaming Heart” and smiled at me. She lay back as Tim told her he was going to fill in the pattern. He said it would take about 20 minutes and to get comfortable as he began his work again. He mentioned that in order to get an even pattern he would have to brace his hand against her and apologized in advance. (Of course, I knew all along what was really going to happen). Tim rested his hand directly over Beth cunt. She jumped at first, but after about 5 seconds of this I could see she was loving every second of it. Tim slowly began to grind his hand against her. Beth’s cunt started to get moist and her pussy lips were slightly parted…as if to invite more touching. Then, without warning, Tim slid a finger into her slit. Beth’s head shot up off the chair at this and looked right at me. She hadn’t bargained for this and was thinking this teasing game was going a little further than she expected. I think she was waiting for me to say or do something, but I just grinned and kept on filming. I know Beth felt a little vulnerable at the time…after all there she was lying back in a chair with her legs spread wide open and a strange man fingering her cunt right in front of her husband. Beth had only had one lover before we were married, so this was a little unusual for her. Her sexual experiences had been fairly limited and although we often fantasized during sex about other partners, it never went further than talk. In fact, she admitted to me that she had never even fooled around with a man unless they had a lasting relationship.

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