How I fucked my girlfriend’s Mom

Hi I am Siddharth from Chennai.
I am a an it guy. I am 6 ft 1 inch with black hair and an nice body and have a dick size of 7 inch.Hot girls and unsatisfied horny housewives around chennai mail me or ping me through Hangouts , along with your comments at [email protected]

Let’s go to the story this happened last month


The milf I fucked is my EX-Girlfriend’s mom ,In my college days I had a girl friend Priya. she has amazing booty and tits.

Usually I go to a shop near to her house daily just to see her. Her mom used to pick her up from College.My friends used to say her mom is so fucking hot ,but I had no thought like that because she is my gf’s mom.Her mom knew that I am standing in the shop just to see her daughter and she also knew that we are in a relationship.

I fucked priya several times in her home when her parents away from home.After some times we broke up and got separated.After completing my college i got a job in a reputed MNC in i shifted to chennai from my hometown.

on one fine day I met her mom in a super market she gave a charming smile ,instantly I approached her

Me:Hi Aunty! How are you?

She :hi sidhu am fine!

Me:What are you doing in chennai?

She :your uncle transferred thats why.

Me:oh ok,how is priya?where is she?
She :yeah she is good ,she is working in bangalore.
Me:so you and uncle are having fun here( with kinky smile)
She :you naughty!!not at all your uncle is very busy with his work and he often goes to abroad for some official work.
Me:if you feel boring call me this weekend aunty iam all alone in my apartment and just watching tv only
She :ok then give me your number and then we exchanged our number

After 2 days I called her and asked about her husband she said that he went to US for some I invited her to my apartment where iam the only person staying.At first she hesitated and then she agreed.After 2 hours she reached my apartment and i welcomed her with a warm hug

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She came in a black saree. After that hug my mind completely changed and i wanted to fuck her
I forget to tell about her structure she looks like pornstar alexis Texas, nice tits and very big round ass. I gave her a glass of wine and she sat in a couch and we spoke a little bit .I told her that i want to prepare dinner for us if u don’t mind could you help me she agreed and we went into the kitchen.

By seeing her ass I couldn’t control ,my fat dick got erected ,While talking i touched her she didn’t say anything after a moment I touched her hip with my elbow i said sorry she said it’s ok after I went behind her and rubbed my fat tool in her fat fucking booty she didn’t respond anything so I rubbed for few minutes and came back to my earlier position. After that we ate dinner and she said she wants to leave but i told her to stay here we will have some fun tonight, her face changed.i told lets watch movie and play some music and dance.first she hesitated and then she agreedI gave my trackpant and t shirt(small ones intentionally ) to see her assets clearly
We started watching a tamil movie on my laptop. We were in good mood so we were enjoying movie between that we were cracking jokes and teasing each other. When the song starts I stood up from bed and start dancing also called her to dance. she joined me .While dancing her boobs were jumping which made my tool hard. while

dancing once boob crush against my hand Which completely changed my mindset and make me think to have fun with her. I replayed the song for 3 to 4 times. Now we were in dancing mood.

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So I stopped the movie and play some remix video song. I intentionally played the video song in which actress and side actress are in short clothes and bikinis. After 10 min I asked her have you ever wear bikini or small clothes and danced in front of your
husband? she laughed and said you say to your future wife to dance in short clothes in front of you. I said yes, of course. she asked, seriously you are going to tell your wife. I said yes. she said her husband will kill her if she wears bikini and all.

I ask her you don’t feel some times to wear such types of cloth or you don’t imagine your self in such type of clothes. So now we stopped dancing and was talking on this topic. she said we will like to try such types clothes but you know my tradition and family and also i have a daughter. I said , I agree what you have said, but if you like to try new thing
you have chance right now. She said, what are you talking. I said look, in chennai no one knows us. So you can buy and wear such types of clothes. She was confused if something wrong happen she said.I said fine, but you can enjoy to wear bikini inside the room.

You don’t need to go outside. Bikini is similar to bra and panty which you are wearing. Just you wear those two things and you can feel like you are wearing bikini. Suddenly she laughed, she said, good idea.And the she removed the t-shirt and she left with bra and panty.

she joined me and slowly she became normal started enjoying the music. While dancing I can see clearly see her cleavage ,bouncing tities, and butt. Which make me horny many times . After dancing few minutes she asked me to dance with my
innerwears so she was completely in naughty mood. So I said ok, I am removed my clothes. I remove my shirt and jeans. Now I was in underwear and sleeveless t-shirt. After removing clothes I ask her how I am looking. she said you cant wear sleeveless t-shirt. You have to remove it. I said, since you are not removing your bra. I will also not remove my t-shirt. I said I will remove it if you remove your bra. and she agreed and she removed her bra and i removed my sleeve less t-shirt.she looks
stunning and has amazing pair of tits
she looking at my underwear,she said something is getting big inside.and i asked her if Do you want to touch it?
she said yes
I told her to give me a sloppy,slippery and nice blowjob,she instantly agreed and took my dick in her mouth and sucking know guys she has some amazing skills in giving blowjob . She sucked my dick like a pro.After that I undressed her completely and sucked her Tities for more than 15 minutes and then I madly licked her clitoris and pussy she came 3 times and I drank all the juices, her pussy is completely wet so I drilled her pussy with my fat dick she screamed like hell .You know guys after 4 inches it felt like a brand new pussy .so I asked her husband’s tool size .she said he has 3 inches only but your dick is amazing and having nice girth ,your wife is very lucky . I told her to call me anytime if you are horny .after a complete fuck we had 2 more session that night.after that every weekend she came to my apartment and I fucked her more than 20 times. Now it’s time to convince Priya and have a threesome . By next I will share the threesome experience with Priya and her mom

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