Indian Family, Son marries mother and sister

Indian Family, Son marries mother and sister, It was 15 years ago my mom and dad had been separated, my dad had left my mom when she was 23, saying he was going for a business meeting and never returned, all she had got was a letter saying he was sorry and he was not happy with her. The event left my mom in charge of her two kids, my sister, Uma, a year older than me, now at 19, a shapely young woman, full of joy and life, a perfect figure you might say, a 36-24-36, and myself, Raja, at 18 just out of junior college, well built, very fiercely protective of the two women at home after seeing Mom go through the tears as we grew up, I always wanted to make sure no one dared to take advantage of them.

My mom, Rukmini, was a dynamic woman, who inspite of having two young kids to support started her own small business and in a short time became successful enough to give us kids a comfortable living, and all this she managed from a little shed she rented near our home.


My Mom, was very attractive, keeping herself fit, as this helped her business, people always like a business person who takes care of themselves, thinking their products would also be as well taken care of as themselves. Of course this also led to men ogle at her and as a kid I found this very strange. When people asked about my father, this would leave me angry and my sister in tears. Mom would then comfort us saying she would take care of us better than any man in her life would and decided she would not entertain any proposals from any men and just devote herself to us. She did a great job raising us, both of us very independent in our thinking.

After finishing my matriculation, at 16, I started helping out mom and mom was glad as she needed the help, my sister was more content with her make-up and thinking about boys. She really did not care much about her studies and mom made up her mind to get her married and asked her if would like to be married. My sister was happy and rather glad to quit her studies and be with a man. After making sure, she was not in love with anyone, she started searching a groom for her. This was really a tiresome exercise as the one question we could never answer was “Where is the father?”. Mom would wind up in tears and I would end up getting angry and would yell and walk away. I ended up consoling mom, saying that she made us better than anyone with both parents would have. Mom would listen to this and smile and rest her head on my shoulders thanking me. My sister, understanding that she was, told mom, she should not worry about all these things and there will be someone who will marry her (my sister) inspite of all these odds. “There are good people in this world” she would console my mom and asked her to stop.

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My sister, had felt bad throughout this whole ordeal, even though the guys had never really rejected her, it was more like the parents who cared about it than the boys. My sister and me both decided, that mom should get married, after all, she was only 38 and she looked very young and there was no shortage of well to do men who wanted to marry mom. We needed to get mom to talk about this and make her feel that we are comfortable now that we were all grown up and having a man in her life would not threaten us. So we asked mom and started talking to her.

“Mom”, I said , “We have something to say”.

My mom thought it was strange we were sitting like this and talking, it was always very informal and all of a sudden we were talking making it look very serious.

“What is it? I have never seen you like this?” Mom said.

“Mom, You have been a great mom to us, but …” Uma started.

“But …. What?” Mom looked at us, her eyes getting smaller and looking curiously at us.

“You have neglected yourself in the process” Uma continued.

“We want you to be happy” I said.

“I am happy, my lovely ones, thanks to you, you have never given me cause to worry” She replied

“No, mom, he means that you should also have fun” Uma said looking at me.

“What fun?” she enquired.

“We want you to go out and enjoy without us kids to think about” She said lowering her head and I did too.

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“What are you kids saying?”, mom said looking clearly amused.

“Mom, We think you should go out, find a man you like and get married” I said looking up for a second and lowering my head down again.

“Get married? Get married? Have you two gone crazy?” Mom said still amused and breaking out in laughter.

“Kids” She just smiled and looked at us.

“I am happy, I don’t need a man to make myself happy, I have been happy with you kids around, besides I really don’t want anyone else and coming breaking us apart, we should always stay together and I will do everything to make us stay together, I cannot take a second break-up” She said a little serious.

“Mom” my sister replied, “We thought this would make things easy for all us, besides we could pass the person up as our father” my sister inadvertently said.

Mom was shocked and shouted at her “Is this about your marriage?”

“No, No, mom, it is about you having someone to be with, everyone should be with a special someone” my sister started sobbing

“Look, I have a problem trusting men, and I will marry any man if I cannot trust him” She said and hugged my sister, “Of course my son is the only exception” She continued and hugged me as well.

After this conversation, things became a little quiet, and I took mom and my sister for a small vacation to break the monotony. We took a hotel with a private balcony where we could view the waters. There was a man in the hotel, who was troubling my mom constantly, at first I was letting it go, hoping mom might get interested, then when mom complained to me, I went and gave him a big mouthful and stop looking at her. He looked at me, was pissed off and left. I came back to mom and she hugged me tight thanking me. My mom had been walking for a while outside, and I could smell her sweat on her forehead and I took my t-shirt to wipe it, as I was wiping it, my hand slipped on her breasts. I immediately took it away and apologized to mom. My mom smiled and said it was ok, as I was her hero and we both laughed.

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My sister heard of the incident and I even told her of the brushing incident, she looked at me, always the hero, saving both your sister and mother. I had numerous times gotten my sister out of trouble of pesky guys trying to bug her. She kissed me on the cheeks saying this is for my hero.

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