Loving wife

She put her hand on mouth so that no one listens. After 10 minutes she cummed. I smiled seeing her. I said it’s time to return the favour. She came and started kissing me. She was trying to taste her cum. She removed my trouser. She was shocked seeing my penis. It was 10 inch long. She got scared. She was not able took alk in her mouth. She gave me blow job for 10 minutes. When I was about to cum. I removed my penis. I laid her in missionary position. I inserted my penis. Her cunt was tight. She screamed. My parents woke up. My mother shouted from outside. My wife said nothing maa.

My ankle got twisted but I am ok. You go have sleep. My mother said kiddo I will give you ointment if you want. She said I have that. You go have sleep. I pushed hardwer. I was still inside her. I pushed further she was in pain now. I was kissing her to lower her scream. Only 5 inch went in and blood start coming from her vagina. I thought she has loosed her virginity. I let her get calm. I again pushed harder. I was completely inside her. Blood started coming from her cunt. I remained still for 5 minutes. Then started giving lighter strokes. She was moaning lightly. I heard mom dad were laughing. I increased my stroked. She was moaning loudly now baby easy. I am going to die. Baby easy aaj ooh. I increased my speed. She was moaning loudly..I was fucking her hard now. I took her in doggy position and started ramming her hardly. My mom shouted with a devil smile from door.


Kido are you still in pian or relieved. My wife was shocked that she is awake. She said in moaning voice aaj yess mom your son is giving a good massage. Mom was laughing. I fucked her hard. For another 30 min. I felt on her. I hugged her. She kissed me. I was hard again. She was shocked. I said it’s time from your ass. She said no it will pain. I said it will pain for once. She agreed after 10 minutes. She came in doggy position. She was so tight. I toook my dick applied oil on her ass. I pushed my dick and she screamed loudly. Neighbours would have woke up. Then I slowly started increasing my speed. I was full hard now. I started ramming her. She was enjoying now. She was moaning now. I fucked her for another 15 minutes and slept. I woke up at 8:00 by my mom. She said you have to go office. Wake up honey. I was in sleep. I thought it s my wife. I pulled her down on me and started smooching her. I was holding her tightly. I was also pressing her breasts. Mom also started cooperating. I lifted her saree. I pushed my penis inside hera nd started fucking her. I fucked her in same position for 15 minutes and ejaculated.

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