Loving wife

When I opened my eyes. I was shocked to see my mom there. mom was looking at me and smiling. . I said mom sorry. I thought it’s my wife. She said she is very lucky. I went to office. I came back in evening. I was shocked to see my mom in new avatar. She was wearing my wife’s top. And shorts. My dad was looking at her and smiling. My wife was looking at me and smiling. Mom teased us by saying today’s kids are so fast. She teased us for sometimes. I went on roof to talk with my friend. When I turned back I saw my father was fuckeing my mom behing tank. After 15 minutes he was finished. He went down. Mom was still in doggy postion. I removed my shorts. Went beside mom put my penis in he cunt. I started fucking her madly. She said anay is that you. I said how do you know. She said you are bigger than dad. I fucked her for 1 hour. She was completely exhausted now. She said I will not be able to walk. I went dwn. Told my wife to give my mothers dinner. I said I will come late. I am going to my friends house. My wife said ok. I said mom has told she will sleep on roof. She is not able to sleep in her room. Due to our noise. Dad had gone to bed by then. My wife smiled.

I kissed her. And took dinner to mom. I told my wife to lock door and have some sleep. You have not slept properly. I went to roof my mom was sitting beside tanker. Our tanker. Is in such a place no one will be able to sleep. She came and sat on my lap. We had dinner. together. I opened my clothes. I started fucking her. I was fucking her mercilessly. I fucked her till 5:00 in morning. Then I made her wear clothes. I took her down. Made her sleep in my room. I slept beside my wife hugging her and in between them. When I woke up both of them were sleeping with their head on my chest. .


I took leave next day. Mom was really tired. She didn’t woke up till 2:00. I got a good opportunity to fuck my wife. Now in night mom and wife both screams loudly. Our neighbours teases us. They say mother in law and daughter in law are doing competition. Who will scream loudly. Whenever I and mom get opurtunity we fuck.

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