Mad for Mom! Son’s persistence pays off

After dinner, I took her to the movie theatre but there was nothing she wanted to see. So we walked around the mall and I held her hand. She held mine without enthusiasm. She was having a good time, I could tell. I was breaking her down, little by little.

We got some ice cream and sat down by a fountain to enjoy our treats. Mom began to point out all the cute girls walking by.


“She’s cute honey, what do you think of her?” She asked nicely.

“She’s cute, but I’d rather kiss you Mom.” I said proudly.

Then we both noticed a hot older woman about her age walking by in a sexy dress. The woman was well kept and was carrying a lot of shopping bags. One of which was a big Victoria Secrets bag.

“What about her? You have a thing for older woman?” She asked seriously, trying to figure me out.

“She’s attractive Mom, but I’m not into older woman. I’m just into you!” I said boldly.

Then we saw a few cute High School girls dressed in tight sexy clothes walk by us.

“How about one of those girls Alex? You attracted to any of them?” She asked with curiosity.

“Not really, they are silly immature girls. I’d like to see you wearing her outfit though. You’d look way hotter!” I said with a grin.

“Oh Alex, you are not going to let this go are you?” Mom said slapping my leg gently.

“I’m sorry Mom, I really feel the most attraction for you. You are my dream girl. I can’t help it and I’m not trying to upset you. I’m totally serious. I love every square inch of your body and I want you to be my first, I want to make love with you all night long.” I pleaded.

“I know son, I’m just trying to expand your horizon. There are plenty of fish in the sea. Why me?”

“Because you are gorgeous, sexy, adorable and I love you more than you could ever imagine.” I stated.

“That’s nice to hear Alex. I still don’t’ know how to feel about this.” She said in a nice understanding way.

“You know what Mom, I know this is not normal, I wish I didn’t feel this strong attraction for you. I am so lucky to have a Mom like you, no matter what happens.” I said slapping my leg hard in frustration.

“It’s Ok Alex, don’t feel bad.” She said in a supportive way.

“Thank you Mom, your so cool.”

We finished our ice cream and head for home. Mom was a little more accepting of my gestures and affection. We held hands tight and walked closer together. As we drove home I held her hand firmly and we listened to music. I asked her if I could take her out tomorrow night. She said ‘Ok’.

When we arrived home, I opened the doors for us and led her inside.

“Thank you son, that was interesting.” She said with a cute smile.

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