Mad for Mom! Son’s persistence pays off

I put my arms around her and she turned to let me kiss her cheek. I kissed her cheek, then I put both hands on her face and softly kissed her on the lip’s. She kissed me back briefly and hugged me. I held on tight and felt her breasts pressing into my chest. I put one hand on her back and moved the other had down to cup her sexy ass. I gently fondled her ass and she broke away from our embrace.

“That’s enough for tonight.” She said, blushing a bit.


“I had a great time Mom. Thank you for being so understanding. I love you with all my heart Beth.”

“I love you to Alex, now go get some sleep.” She said, with a little sparkle in her eye.

“I hope you sleep well Mom.”

“Night Alex.” Was all she said.

“Night sexy!” I replied.

I watched Mom’s ass climbing the stairs in her jeans. It was a beautiful sight. It was nice and a little thick, just the way I like them.

“Remember Mom, you said maybe…”

Mom didn’t respond but I knew we had made some progress, Mom seemed to accept my feelings for her a little bit better. I went to my room and had to masturbate after that date, with Mom. I had to do something to arouse her. I decided to mess with her that night before she fell asleep.

First I sent her a text that read, ‘You said Maybe’. Then I began to get my self hard thinking of Mom’s hot body. I took a picture of my big hard cock and sexted her. I snuck up by her door to hear any reaction. I heard the toilet flush and her enter her room again. She must have picked up the phone and saw my sext to her.

“Oh Alex”. Is all I heard, I think she liked what she saw. I listened quietly as she fumbled around the room and got on her bed. After a few minutes I swear she was masturbating. Then I heard it, faintly, but I heard her say my name.

“Oh Alex, Oh baby. Oh Alex, you shouldn’t.” Was all I heard her say quietly, as her bed shook. I listened for about 5 minutes and went back to my room hornier than ever.

I was thrilled and jacked off again, thinking of Mom’s wet pussy. Major progress was being made, Mom masturbated thinking of me like I asked. I went to bed, planning my next move. It was hard getting to sleep that night.

I woke up the next morning, it was Saturday and I had to work at the mall in an hour. I got looking good for Mom, not for work. I was excited to see her and went downstairs to say good morning. I was wondering how she would act, since I had not seen her since I sexted her last night. She was at the kitchen table, working on her laptop and sipping coffee.

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