Mother and son almost freeze, but find the heat of love

Sex stories, incest, family taboo, Mother and son almost freeze, but find the heat of love. Mom and I had planned a great 2 week vacation in the winter beauty of the backcountry in Canada.

I arrived the week before to get in some winter camping which I had missed so much in the past years. I used to camp in a tent in the snow, but this time I had towed a small camper trailer, and spent the days hiking and enjoying the winter wonder land. The cold air was invigorating and I loved it. I slept with the camper windows open, using only the sleeping bag for warmth. Mom was to fly up on Saturday and I would pick her up at the airport. I decided to leave the camper at the camp site for the airport drive since the camp site was in between the airport and our Bed and Breakfast location. I would pick it up on our way back.


I picked my Mother up at the airport and we drove back to my camp site to pick up the camper trailer. From there we would head up to the Bed and Breakfast where we would stay for the next 2 weeks. When we got to the campsite, Mom looked around and said, “I should have come up with you, this is so beautiful!”

In front of my campsite was a large lake with an old wooden dock that had seen better days. It stretched out about 20 feet into the lake. We strolled up to the dock for a better look across the gorgeous lake. Miles of forest surrounded the lake and the trees were mostly capped with lovely white snow.

Since we were in a cove which limited the side views, Mom excitedly called out, “Let’s walk out to the end of the dock and look at the lake view!”

Walking out onto the old wooden dock, we scanned to beautiful snowy vista in front of us. Most of the lake was frozen, but spots around the shore and the dock were still unfrozen. The dock was slippery with ice in many places and I asked Mom to be careful and offered my arm to support her.

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At the end of the dock we stood taking in the view, it was truly astounding! While turning to look a different direction, Mom slipped on the ice and fell into the icy lake. She completely submerged for a second and then broke the surface gasping in the icy water. I could tell that the cold water was causing her lungs to spasm and that she could not catch her breath.

I scrambled on my knees and reached for her, but she was just inches out of my reach. Then she went under the surface! I jumped into the water and grabbed Mom, lifting her back to the surface. Pulling Mom from the water, I rushed her to the camper trailer that was parked nearby.

The camper trailer was small and had only the one bunk. And I of course had only the one sleeping bag since I was not expecting guests!

I spoke urgently, “Mom, we need to get out of these wet clothes and get into that sleeping bag to get warm.” Mom said nothing about the predicament of only one bag and the nudity, but I guess we both were cognizant of the dire circumstances.

Stripping out of the clothes was not difficult and did not need any second thoughts as we both wanted those freezing cold wet clothes to stop touching our skin. There was a fleeting spark of eroticism as I saw my mother standing there naked, but it passed with the emergency of the situation.

We quickly slid into the sleeping bag with about as much grace as possible, being totally frozen, naked, and being a Mother and son. I immediately rolled on my side facing my mother and said, “We need to hug and share body heat” and wrapped my arms around her shoulders. Mom’s arms snaked around my waist and pulled our hips close.

Both our bodies were shivering and out teeth chattering. The little bit of heat from Mom’s body felt so good radiating to me, and I am sure she felt the same. I rubbed my hands up and down Mom’s back trying to generate heat and move blood. I squirmed to get closer and make as much skin touch as possible. Mom’s hands were doing the same lower on my back. Very quickly our bodies started to warm and the shivering and chattering teeth slowed a bit.

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As the urgency of the situation began to subside, I began to think about my immediate surroundings and any way I might improve the conditions. But unfortunately I had no heater, no fire; there was no way to make heat other than to do what we were doing.

Next as our bodies warmed and my mind could wander, I began to realize what a wonderful opportunity had been presented to me. All my life I wanted to make love to my Mother, and here I was with her naked in my arms. Never had I thought it really possible to make love to her, nor did I ever think I would even see or touch my fantasy lover naked!

Now with my mind running wild and my body was ready to catch up, and I felt a stirring in my loins. I instantly froze! What on earth was going to happen if I got hard in this position! Well, actually not if, but when! Slowly my cock got harder and harder. It of course needed to straighten up now, but my Mother’s body was in the way! I could not imagine what I was going to do or say to my Mother!

I tried to pull my hips back, but there was not enough room in the sleeping bag, and also as I pulled back, my dick was going to lever upward dragging along Mom’s thighs, pussy, and stomach! Mom also, I am sure felt the same problem that I did!

Mom noticed, she whispered into my ear, “Doug why is that happening now?”

I stammered and stuttered for a second. “I am so sorry Mom, I cannot help it! It’s just that feeling your beautiful body next to me is too much for me!”

Mom looked at me strangely, and rolled her eyes, “I am your old Mother, what could you possibly be feeling right now that would cause that?”

I decided the situation called for honesty, nothing else could explain this. I replied, “Mom, yes you are my mother, but you are beautiful and I have always loved you, and I have always actually wanted you. I am so sorry, but this is like a fantasy come true to me, and I cannot help myself!”

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Mom got an angry look of her face and said, “That’s disgusting, that you could even think such a thing!”

Her anger solved the immediate problem; my erection slowly softened and disappeared. Now I had an angry mother in my arms and not a lot of options!

I softly asked, “Mom, can we talk please? It is not all that strange, all men lust for their mothers at some point, mine just was permanent longing and your beauty and this predicament fueled it to the loss of my control” I then begged, “How can I help that?”

I could see her eyes soften, and she relaxed some more. We were now getting nice and warm, and no longer shivering, just holding and looking at each other. I again began to stoke her back, and Mom sighed and said, “What am I going to do with you? And what are we going to do now?”

I said, “I will get out and wring our clothes out some more, then hang them in the sun coming from the window. Then I will get back in the sleeping bag so we can keep warm till we can put our clothes back on. Then we will go to the Bed and Breakfast and enjoy our vacation, and forget this ever happened.”

Mom closed her eyes and murmured, “I am not sure I can ever forget this happened.”

I replied, “I know I cannot either, and actually I don’t think I want to forget.”

Mom’s eyes popped open with a bit of fire in them, “You don’t want to forget how upset I was, or how this looks and feels?”

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