My First African Encounter

It was already in the evening as they arrive so Stacy decided to release Neema from his duties and she went straight to bed. In the morning Neema arrived to Stacy’s house, as she woke up in her silky short pyjamas showing off little of her busty breast. As Neema walks in he couldn’t help but notice the busty heaven as his manhood grows a little bit under his pants, Stacy was aware of the situation at hand but she chose to ignore it but she couldn’t resist looking at the bulge on Neema’s pants. She noticed a very big bulge and all she can think about was what is in there, how big it is, how long it is and how it can stretch her mouth and her little wet cunt.

Stacy went to the bathroom to prepare herself for the day, as she took a shower she couldn’t stop thinking about Neema’s bulge, as the water ran along her well-built and sexy body, she start touching and caressing her breast in an arousing way, as she ran her fingers across her tight and wet slit, she rubber her clit and start moaning silently, she inserted her middle finger in her wet cunt, now she was fingering herself in a fast and rapid manner all the time thinking about Neema’s bulge, all she could think about was Neema’s big black dick inside of her tight cunt, thrusting and stretching her, she reached her orgasms and finished her shower.


Stacy finished preparing herself and she was ready to be taken to the project site. As she came out of the house, Neema was waiting for her in the car, she got a relief that Neema might not had her moans when she was orgasming but her biggest worry was how was she going to hold herself throughout the day as she couldn’t resist this strong and good looking black man with some big bulge in his pants. It was going to be a hot and wet day for her.

They drove to the project site whereby they where supposed to collect data on communities that she was going to work with throughout the project. As the day went by the African sun was not bearing them any remorse as it was very hot. On their drive to one of the communities, Stacy was feeling very hot so she had to unbutton her shirt so as to allow some little air but now her busty heaven was showing a little bit and Neema noticed again within split seconds the bulge was there again. Stacy took a little glimpse and Neema while driving to admire this divine creation but she ended up noticing the bulge, her mind went crazy and dirty again as she gets wet.

They did their last assignment for the day now they were driving back to the house. Stacy couldn’t wait to get home and get busy with the toys but also she really want a real thing, a big black cock that is next to her.

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