My First African Encounter

They got to the house, Stacy had some of her stuff still in the bag, so she asked Neema to help her pack them in her little space turned in to an office. While Neema was unpacking her office equipment, Stacy was taking a shower. When she finished taking a shower she came out in a towel to see how he was doing, Neema took a glimpse at her and he got his bulge again now he couldn’t take his eyes of her. Stacy asked him if he wants to take a shower since well they had a hot sunny day, he said yes with a nod.

As he prepares for taking a shower, he removed his clothes in bathroom then Stacy knocked on the door bringing him some towels, he opened the door slightly to take the towels in. Stacy wished if he opened the door more so she can see that big cock. She went to her bedroom while Neema was taking a shower, she was there laying on her bed as Neema finishes taking his bath, as he passed down her room he saw her laying there just naked and she didn’t see him. Neema’s mind just went wild and all he could think about was fucking Ms Stacy on doggy style.
Stacy asked him if he wants to stay for dinner, he agreed instantly with a nod, as all he can think of was fucking this little white princess. She prepared dinner then after dinner, they sat there while Stacy was telling him about her life and ended up telling about her boring love life, she started whining about her ex, and ended up weeping, Neema had no choice but to comfort her by pulling her to his strong and muscular arms. Stacy was getting wet as she was now in the arms of the man she has been lusting for. She kissed him a bit on his lips and Neema return the kiss with some long kiss.


They kissed and Neema started touching her breast and feeling them, she gave some intense moan and started wrapping herself around him now she could feel that big bulge and she knew that the big monster is about to stretch her and a year of draught has just ended, she instantly removed his shirt and admired his muscular body.

They kissed while Neema removed her floral dress to suck on her tits and this busty heaven just gave him a strong and long erection that made Stacy so wet that now she wanted to cum, she removed his pants to be met by a big black monster, a whole 10 inch black dick… she just went on some relapse when she realized she just got herself a real life dildo,

“ Oh my g*d, what a big DICK” all of her nasty thoughts were becoming a reality, she went on her knees to suck on this 10 inch monster and she couldn’t fit it all in her mouth, she puts half of it in her mouth and she started grasping for some air, it was thick that she couldn’t take it all in her mouth, Neema was groaning as she was giving him all she could and also playing with his big balls, she started also sucking on his balls, while giving his big dick some hand strokes

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