My First African Encounter

Now it was Neema’s turn to give Stacy some good time, Stacy lied down on her back while he was removing her panties, her pussy was so wet “shit Ms Stacy your pussy is so wet” Neema gave her some kiss on the mouth while fingering her, she was now moaning like a real bitch, he went down on her to suck her pussy…he sucked on her clit and she was going crazy ”ooohhh Mr Neema don’t stop keep going” her moans were loud now.

Stacy started having some orgasms “Shit Mr Neema, I am cumming, oooh fuck”, Neema started getting strong down there while Stacy started cumming from his sucking “ooohhh fuck I am cumming Neema, don’t stop”. She got a wet orgasm from his sucking.
After her cumming, she started begging to get fucked “please fuck me”, he rammed his big black dick in her wet and tight cunt, she felt it stretching her cunt and she started moaning loudly as he works his way into her tight and wet cunt “ohhh fuck me please, shit its so big” he started giving her some long strokes on a missionary and she started getting orgasm, his dick was not all inside but she was having orgasms.
“Fuck me daddy I am all yours” she begged him to fuck him more, she wanted to get on top, they changed position…now she was fucking him from the top, and now she could feel the 8 inch in her cunt and she was orgasming more with some creamy pussy “oooh fuck me daddy, I am all yours” she kept on bouncing on the big dick until her legs were weak and she couldn’t take it anymore, Neema decided to pick her up and fuck her while standing “ oooohhh fuck, oh shit its all in” she screamed while he was ramming and stretching her tight cunt till he cummed “ooohhh fuck”…”cum inside me daddy I want all your cum inside me” Stacy was all weak at this moment Neema emptied his big black balls inside her cunt, after cumming he puts her on the sofa as they all breathe heavily from their encounter.


After a while Stacy stands up and went get some water, she came back to lay on his chest, and she goes “this is our little secret and this 3 months will be a good 3 months of my live” Neema just gave her a wink and a nod to approve the statement.

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