My mother, sister and me

Incest sex stories, My mother, sister and me, My mom is a small woman standing only 4 feet 10 inches tall but have no doubt who is in charge in our house. My late father was 6′ feet 4″ and I just turned 18 and I’m just over 6’5″ but when mom spoke you could bet dad would just smile and do as he was told. My sister is more like my mom at barely 5′. Both my mom and sister have great figures but neither tip the scales over 100 pounds. They have very large tits for their size but the rest of their frame is small. Both are very slim in the waste and very slim in the hips. To me both are very beautiful women but their petite statue is the first thing anyone notices. I doubt that mom or my sister have a waist over 18 inches maybe less. Most people ask mom how I got here since she weights only 98 pounds and I weight over 220. Mom just laughs and says I wasn’t always this big thank goodness!!

Because of their size my mom and my sister look like little girls and more like sisters than mother and daughter. Even at 40 mom still gets carded sometimes when she orders a drink at a restaurant. After dad passed mom went into a deep depression for over a year. Nothing made her smile or laugh. For the first few months all I can remember mom doing is crying at night. It has only been in the last 6 months that she has started to act somewhat like her self again. Don’t get me wrong, she hasn’t been happy and cheerful like before but she isn’t crying and sad all the time either. Sally and I have done as much as we could to help her but dad’s passing took a heavy toll. I know that sex was always a big part of their relationship because mom and dad were obvious about their affection toward each other. Dad was always making a sexual pass at mom during breakfast or dinner. It would be nothing for him to walk up behind her and reach around and grab her tits and kiss her neck in the middle of the day or take her hand while we sat at the table and put it in his lap and say “Daisy this is for you later!”. He would say something risqué at anytime and anywhere. Once when we were at a family resturant the waiter asked dad what he wanted to eat and dad turned to mom and said “HER!!!”. We all laughed but the waiter got embarrassed. It was a joke to us because we were use to dad’s open sexual references to mom and mom obviously enjoyed it. Dad would even call out to mom when he was heading off to work “Daisy, you better shave it today. It was a little rough on my tongue last night!” Mom would always blush and tell dad to shut up but dad knew she loved the attention. Don’t get me wrong, mom could give as well as take. She would even bring me and my sister into it sometime. Mom would make comments to dad like “Honey, you better get back to the gym or Joey is going to have to finish what you start.” Or “You sure you want this or would you rather have a sweet young piece of ass like Sally?”. All the time rubbing my dad’s cock or flashing her tits just out of view of Sally and me.


I guess since we grew up listening to mom and dad go back and forth like this all the time it was something we were used too. Lately Sally and I even started to joke with mom to get her out of her depression asking her is she was still “shaving” everyday or Sally asking mom if she needed me to “take care” of her nighttime problem. Mom was shocked at first but after a couple of times she started to enjoy the attention. It actually started to make her smile once in a while. I think that really helped her.

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What I really wanted to tell you about is this past weekend. It is January and really cold. It started snowing on Thursday and had kept snowing day and night since it started. We were setting records by the hour for the amount of snow. I had gone to the store when we heard the forecast and stocked up with food and drinks and movies so we were set. Heat and lights are not an issue for us since we were pretty self sufficient with our solar heat and generator.

By the time Friday noon rolled around we knew we would be stuck at home. I don’t know about you but I am used to getting some pussy every weekend. I have been sexually active since I was 14 and I know my sister got her first fuck at 15. My girlfriend Barbi loves to fuck and I love to fuck her. She is such a sex pot. She will go down on me anywhere, anytime for any reason. I think she also has an eye for Sally and I know Sally thinks she is hot. I also know that Sally is used to getting a good hard fuck at least once a week from one of her boyfriends. She doesn’t have anyone steady but she has a couple of steady fuck friends. We share our experiences with each other and almost everything else too. It is not unusual for both of us to be in our shared bath in various states of dress. Sally loves to catch me in the shower and look in on me from time to time. I always leave the door unlocked just in case she gets the urge! After growing up in this type of environment with mom and dad letting each other peek and flirt doesn’t seem like a big deal to us.

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I know Sally liked what she saw when I was in the shower and I would do my best to give her a show without being too obvious. I’m not into organized sports much but I do like to work out and I guess I took after my dad at just having great genes. My cock is rather large but at my height it looks fairly normal. It is just over 9 inches long and very thick. But when you stand 6′ 5″ and it is soft it doesn’t appear huge that is until it gets hard. When I know Sally is watching I do my best to get a boner and let her have a little glance. The first time I actually could hear her gasp and I could have sworn I saw her licking her lips the last time.

Since our rooms are right next to each other I often hear Sally playing with herself late at night. She may be doing it for my benefit but I really don’t believe she can have a quiet orgasm and I think she has almost worn the mattress out from pounding her pussy so hard!! Some nights I just lay in my bed and stroke my cock thinking about her. We have never gone beyond the sneaking around and peeking in on each other. I guess that is where we have drawn the line.

Mom’s room is at the other end of the house so I don’t know if she pleasures herself but I know when dad was around he would make her cum several times a night. I discovered that one Friday night when I came home early from a date and heard noises coming from mom and dad’s room. I quietly stood outside their door and listened to mom scream and tell dad to shove his big fucking cock deeper into her cunt. After that night I sometimes would come home early from a date or a night out with my friends just so I could listen at their door. I know where Sally gets her moaning and screaming when she cums. Mom was a real screamer and she really let loose expressing her sexual needs especially when she thought Sally and I were gone.

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