My Wife and Mother Our open Marriage

Before Dan and I were married, we’d talked about having an open marriage or relationship. I’ve been with well over a hundred men during the years that I’ve been sexually active, and have always enjoyed the attention and the excitement that comes with having sex with multiple partners.

Dan’s had his fair share of sexual encounters too, so we’ve discussed the issue at length. Around ten months or so after we were married, and on Saturday afternoon we discussed the possibility over a glass of wine.


Later that evening, Dan was meeting some of his coworkers for a drink or two. I decided that I’d soak in a nice hot tub of water for a spell then watch a movie or two.

After drying off, I put on one of Dan’s old tank top tee shirts and a pair of undies, got another glass of wine laid on the couch and picked up the remote.

After going through the movies that Dan had previously recorded, I decided to watch (A Million Ways To Die In The West.) I’d seen parts of it prior and thought it looked entertaining, and besides who didn’t love Liam Neeson’s ass!

After watching most of the movie and seeing Liam’s ass, I fell asleep. It was an hour or so later when I heard the front door open and the sounds of laughter. I could hear my husband talking, his son and others laughing. Still half asleep and tired, I decided to stay put and wait for everyone to leave. Dan was still talking as he entered the living room. With the light shining in from the hallway he must have saw me lying there, I heard him whisper “shhh” to the others,

“She’s sleeping.”

I heard his son Drew whisper, “She looks so peaceful dad, she sure is pretty!” Someone removed my covers, I hadn’t thought about the fact that Dan’s old tee shirt was pretty sheer until after he’d removed the covers, I knew Drew and Dan have seen my breasts before so no big deal, but who else was here?

Then I heard a women’s whisper. “She has nice looking breasts Dan, you’re a lucky man. I love her dark areolas and nipples, very sexy Dan.”

Hum, I wonder who that was, I asked myself. I knew he was meeting some of his coworkers I just didn’t know which ones. And Drew, he hadn’t said anything about meeting Drew, hum?

Then Drew said, “Damn dad, how about showing us her tits, she’s sleeping, she’ll never know.”

There was a pause then I heard someone walking out of the room, I heard a kitchen drawer open and close and heard footsteps returning.

I felt a tug on my shoulder strap, “snip” I heard as Dan must have cut my right shoulder strap. Then another, “snip,” as he cut the left strap. I felt him lift the bottom of my tee shirt and heard, “snip snip snip,” as he cut my tee shirt up the middle. When he was finished, I felt him peel back the right side first then the left, exposing both of my breasts. It was exciting knowing that I was the center of all of their attention. I hadn’t planned on this, but I enjoyed being the center of attention.

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